b'THEOLOGYTim L. Anderson (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is professor of theology at Corban School of Ministry. He has previously published in Dedicated.CONTENTS1.Defining Intimacy with God 2.The Place of Intimacy with God in Philosophy and Theology 3.Understanding the Fall and Intimacy with God 4.Interpreting Biblical Symbols for Gods Communication of Intimacy 5.Interpreting the Biblical Image of God Our Father as a Script of Intimacy for the Shamed 6.Interpreting Biblical Images of Marriage and Christ 7.Interpreting Intimacy with the Holy Spirit8.Interpreting Suffering and Intimacy with God9.Assessing Our Songs of Intimacy with GodINTO HIS PRESENCEA Theology of Intimacy with GodTIM ANDERSON978-0-8254-4467-8$21.99Paperback6 x 9280 pagesChristian Theology / GeneralKregel AcademicRights: WorldAvailableNumerousChristianbooksaimtoprovideguidanceon Christians relationships with God, but few base their conclu-sions on a biblical theology of intimacy. In this volume, Tim Anderson develops a biblical and holistic portrait of nearness to God, exploring key themes like Gods Trinitarian union, the fall, Gods fatherhood, marriage imagery, suffering, and our relationship with the Holy Spirit. A concluding chapter exam-ines contemporary Christian songs that address oneness with God and evaluates their theological messages in light of the previous chapters.Into His Presence is a helpful guide for pursuing intimacy with God and distinguishing contemporary cultural understandings of close relationships from those communicated in Scripture.6kregel.com/academic'