b'BIBLICAL STUDIESAn impressive roster of scholars who have addressed a vital but often neglected topic in both the church and in the academy. . . . Rich with insight, Following Jesus Christ represents a major advance in this essen-tial area of study.Craig A. Evans, Houston Baptist University We are treated here to a survey of what discipleship meansintheNewTestamentfromexpertsinthe field, and we also see some of the wider dimensions of discipleship in this important work. All those want-ing to understand discipleship will find this to be a valuable resource.Thomas R. Schreiner, The Southern BaptistTheological SeminaryJohn K. Goodrich (PhD, University of Durham) is program head and associate professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute. His other publications include Reading Romans in Context: Paul and Second Temple Judaism.Mark L. Strauss (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is university professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary, San Diego. His other publications include Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels.CONTENTS1.Living Out Justice, Mercy, and Loyalty: Discipleship in Matthews Gospel (Jeannine K. Brown)2.To Serve, Not to Be Served: Discipleship in Marks Gospel (Mark L. Strauss)3.Following Jesus by Engaging the World: Discipleship in Lukes Gospel (Darrell L. Bock)4.Come and See: Discipleship in Johns Gospel FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST (Edward W. Klink III)5.A Faith That Can Be Seen: Discipleship in Acts The New Testament Message of Discipleship for Today (Benjamin R. Wilson)6.The Challenge of Allegiance in the Roman Empire: JOHN K. GOODRICH AND MARK L. STRAUSS Discipleship in Romans and Galatians (Scot McKnight)7.Bearing the Image of the Man from Heaven: Discipleship in978-0-8254-4499-9$24.99 1 Corinthians (John K. Goodrich)Paperback6 x 9352 pages 8.Everything We Do Is for Your Upbuilding: Discipleship inChristian Ministry / Discipleship 2 Corinthians (Moyer V. Hubbard)Kregel Academic 9.Living in Connection to the Resurrected Christ: Discipleship Rights: World in Colossians and Ephesians (Clinton E. Arnold)November 19, 2019 10.Looking to the Interests of Others: Discipleship in Philippians and Philemon (Joseph H. Hellerman)11.Discipled by God: Discipleship in 12 Thessalonians Although the concept of discipleship is an integral part of New(David E. Briones)Testament teaching, it has largely faded from discussion in12.Faithful Stewardship in Gods Household: Discipleship in the both the academy and the local church. To revive and reclaimLetters to Timothy and Titus (Andreas J. Kstenberger)this teaching for believers in the twenty-first century, editors13.The Lost Concept Recovered: Discipleship in Hebrews (Victor Sung Yul Rhee)John Goodrich and Mark Strauss have assembled an expert14.Single-Mindedness Versus Duplicity: Discipleship in James team of scholars to uncover what every New Testament book(Craig L. Blomberg and Ben R. Crenshaw)teaches about discipleship, providing a comprehensive, biblical15.Suffer, Strive, and Stand for Holiness: Discipleship in 12 picture. In addition, other contributors explore discipleship inPeter and Jude (Robert L. Cavin)16.Walking in the Light: Discipleship in Johns Letters the context of the local church, spiritual formation, and the(Karen H. Jobes)life of the mind. Together, these essays point the way forward17.Witnesses for the Lamb: Discipleship in Revelation for becoming more like Jesus Christ, and helping others do the(Buist M. Fanning)same, in our personal and corporate lives.18kregel.com/academic'