b'MINISTRY & CHURCH LEADERSHIPSEXUAL INTIMACY IN MARRIAGE REIMAGINING YOUR LOVE STORYFourth Edition Biblical and Psychological Practices for Healthy RelationshipsWILLIAM R. CUTRER, SANDRA GLAHN, AND MICHAEL SYTSMA ANDREA GURNEY978-0-8254-4521-7$18.99 978-0-8254-4562-0$15.99Paperback5.5 x 8.5384 pages Paperback5.5 x 8.5176 pagesChristian Living / Love & Marriage Christian Living / Love & MarriageKregel Publications Kregel PublicationsRights: World Rights: WorldComing soon AvailableThis highly acclaimed, medically and biblically accurate bookDr. Andrea Gurney wants readers to discover more authentic extensively covers sex in marriage with a sensitivity and frank- bonds that arent built on wishes. She equips seekers for suc-ness every couple will appreciate. With over 130,000 copies incess with practices from psychology, biblical truths, and les-print, and now in its fourth edition, this best-selling book issons from relationship science. She also tackles how to dig the gold standard for Christian intimacy guides. into the past to understand how culture and family have had Scientificallyaccurate,biblicallybased,intenselya stronger influence than many realizeand how to change practical, and written with a large dose of humor. unwanted mental pathways. David Stevens, Christian Medical & DentalFor those disillusioned by unrealistic societal standards, Associations in need of healing from damaged relationships, or who simply want to improve their social interactions, Reimagining Your Love WilliamR.Cutrer(MDiv,DallasTheologicalSeminary)Story provides a solid foundation on which lasting love can be (19512013) was a recognized expert in reproductive technol- understood and built.ogy and medical ethics. His other publications include WhenRich in wisdom, research, and humor, this book will Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden. restore your hope in love.Sandra Glahn (PhD, University of Texas at Dallas) is a pro- Dan B. Allender, The Seattle School offessorinmediaarts/worshipandpastoralministriesatTheology and PsychologyDallas Theological Seminary. Her other publications includeAndrea Gurney (PhD, Northeastern University) is a licensed Vindicating the Vixens. clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Westmont MichaelStystema(MD,PhD,UniversityofGeorgia)isaCollege in Santa Barbara, California. Her other publications licensed professional counselor at Building Intimate Marriages,includeHe Is Everything: Narratives from Chinese, Haitian, and Inc. Latino Immigrant Youth, as co-author.kregel.com/academic27'