b'MINISTRY & CHURCH LEADERSHIPORGANIC MINISTRY TO WOMEN CAMPUS LIGHTSA Guide to Transformational Ministry with NextStudents Living and Speaking for Jesus AroundGeneration Women the WorldSUE EDWARDS AND KELLEY MATHEWS LUKE CAWLEY978-0-8254-4615-3$19.99 978-1-910012-73-4$15.99Paperback5.5 x 8.5272 pages Paperback5.5 x 8.5224 pagesChristian Ministry / Adult Christian Ministry / EvangelismKregel Ministry Muddy PearlRights: World Rights: WorldAvailable AvailableWith Millennial and Generation Z women coming of age inA meeting in a restaurant in Eastern Europe is suddenly inter-our churches and society, new approaches to womens ministryruptedbysecretpolice.Publicartworksareinstalledina are required to meet their distinct needs. Drawing on decadesGuatemalan town to confront injustice perpetrated by gangs of experience ministering to women, authors Sue Edwards andand government. A ministry begins in the Solomon Islands Kelley Mathews explain how their Transformation Model canwhere none existed before. All this is the work of students and energize womens ministry for all generations and in multi- young people in their twentiesthe very age of the disciples ple settings. Individual chapters are devoted to applying thewhen Jesus handed over his ministry to them.model, which is centered on Scripture and building relation- Drawing together incredible, gripping stories from differ-ships, to ministry in the local church and the college campus,ent nationally led student movements spanning every region of and cross-culturally in missions. the globefrom North America to Romania, from movements The authors also profile numerous leading womens minis- with official recognition to those persecuted to the point of ters like Jen Wilkin, Priscilla Shirer, and Jackie Hill-Perry, draw- being driven undergroundCampus Lights explores how stu-ing wisdom and inspiration from their lives and ministries. dent mission not only survives but flourishes across the world A revised and expanded version of New Doors in Ministry totoday.Women, this updated edition takes into account the latest cul- Told in Cawleys journalistic and engaging style, Campus tural and ministry trends. Lights reveals how students and young people are taking risks Sue Edwards (DMin, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)to share their faith, continuing the legacy of Jesuss young dis-is associate professor of educational ministry and leadership atciples as they went out into the world and changed nations.Dallas Theological Seminary. Her other publications includeLukeCawley(MA,WheatonCollege)isthedirectorof Organic Mentoring. Chrysolis, a gospel training nonprofit. His other publications KelleyMathews(ThM,DallasTheologicalSeminary)isainclude The Myth of the Non-Christian.writer and lay leader at her church. Her other publications include Leading Women Who Wound.kregel.com/academic25'