b'FAITH & SCIENCEWithartwork,photographs,anddiagramsthroughout, Hill explores the meaning of the relevant biblical passages, the scientific data, and how the Worldview Approach addresses seeming contradictions. Anyone who has wrestled with these questions will find A Worldview Approach to Science and Scripture to be an invaluable resource for understanding the interplay between faith and the world.CarolHilltakesbothScriptureandscienceseri-ously, affirming the inspiration of the Bible and the evidence for biological evolution. Deborah B. Haarsma, BioLogosThis is one of the best one-volume works on the cre-ation/evolution dialogue in print. Kenneth Keathley, Southeastern Baptist Theological SeminaryCarol Hills worldview approach brings the reader face-to-face with archeological, biblical, and scien-tific data that enable one to gain a new appreciation for what the Bible is trying to teach. This approach is a very helpful tool! James K. Hoffmeier, Trinity EvangelicalDivinity SchoolCarol Hill teaches at the University of New Mexico. Her other publications include The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth, as senior editor.CONTENTS1.A Worldview Approach2.The Six Days of Creation3.The Garden of EdenA WORLDVIEW APPROACH TO4.The Numbers and Chronologies of Genesis5.Noahs Flood: Historical or Mythological?SCIENCE AND SCRIPTURE 6.Noahs Flood: Global or Local?7.Flood GeologyCAROL HILL 8.Evolution and the New Genetics9.Adam and Eve and Origins978-0-8254-4614-6$29.99 10.Putting It All TogetherHardcover8.5 x 11240 pagesReligion and ScienceKregel Academic hundreds upon hundreds of human-occupied sites,Abel. How do we know thaaty sG seon:e sNiso pl aAcebse lt kheempt WHEN DID ADAMincluding nuimddelreo uEsa sct,u lbtuutr easl sioninE uNroopreth,tAhme eNriecaar, therkes? ,Because Genesis 4:2 sh et hseo ildo m(NesIVtic),a twionhi cohfw AND EVE LIVE?E floc andCagairnic uwltourrkee da ntdSoasutt,h a Anmd eMri c9a-,3Aisu as tmraalpia ,o Cf shitinesa ,o annlydoint htehrepeaarsttes ronf anipmalielsstwheatre already the main means of livelihood Rights: World Asia. Figureelainth riecg io(n~.5000-3200 B.C.). In theim t is very important that theE Genesis MedCitherarlcano ine snoeustish e4r:1n7 M theasot poCtaainm wiaa (sT thabelneb9u-1il)d.i Int ga als coi tsya,y as nidn t I pslaamceeA at ap-GNovember 19, 2019 Chalcolithic (chalco = copper), the min cinogp,p etrra onrse-e hhea nt atmheed bu iitl daifntegrohf itsh seo fni rEstn occithies(iNn IMVe),s oipomptlayminiga o prochxirmonaotleolyg itehseand tdimameaasn ddoevse tihdee nacne- portation, and metalurgicadlwEourrkoipnegaot faibosuta s5 0al0so0 hu te h.e G Cehnaelscios lailtshoi cp lacers thropologicalarcheological evbe.Cga. no irnathT adb aall-sCo abieng unne aarr otuhen de tnhdisotifm(Table 9-1). As discussed in Chapter 4, gaps B li tMtlei dbdelefo Eraes t( Tanabaltee s9 a-r1os). eT inh the region, w perhaps closer to the beginning of the Bronze Age,lothe time when larger city-sta an nd drei arlesl awtieornesbeacqguainr etdorfarnogmefaalrl ale-ccaauins ewtehra t[ crTafutbs matyehxeissteinc htrhoen oGloegnieessi s ccahnrnoonto t beg ieus sesodb in (KJV) it saysthadwwhidene. f oRreawig nma tratend Middle East, and objects,man] inasGane ninesstisr u4c:t2o2ro f Seovmereyti maretsif icbronze isas an absolute time scale. However, these ast a bronze and iron.oevcehr ntiqheu eNs,e aarn dE ntaor tiCsthica lcsotylilteh c t b ofs evtalreimouesn tos.r iTgihnes translated as copper so the time of Tubal-caingaps probably do not represent more than siGeologist Carol Hill examines how numerous apparent con- gerogwanin fl oawndin gp roci g esing of olives and olive oil alsoa few hundredyears of time (at the most) began in the Chalcolithic.12This was the timeand so these chronologsite sb erfooureg hthlyeCplhaacle- period when the famous tzi the Iceman Alivuedst riina ctjuimste the mountainous border between Italy andp per axe, 5 Aodlit.;h iTca bl e jb)w2h5i0ch y eparrosb aagbol y( Fpigla c9e-s4 )h; imt znie caarr rtiheedab ecoginning ofB.C am ino are s 3-1 and ue. gWahni l(e~ t5h5e0 0a-g4e0s0 o0faffrtaemr9it- 1flicts between Scripture and science can be resolved by under- the Chalcolithic. 13the patriarchs back to Adam may representethatI tG ie sn instiospa laNceeos lithic-Chalcolithiacne d ti mCea infr aamnde ega arnadt/eodrnaubmridegroelmogeincat l anguesm, btheres , bciblalni- Adam and Evexaegs,g standing the ancient worldview of the scriptural authors andFigure 9-4. Reconstruction of tzi the Iceman, showineg h isc c aaplp arouxthimorast/esc irdibeae so sft ihlm Eve and their hlios tchleotsh oef sa, ncoim paple hr idaxees,aanndd p blaonwtfianbd e ras.r r H oew as;lsaol shoa n s otht etheir forbearersoswee lon tgobheafvoer eh atdh eamnr CHAPTER 9 Adam and neno uhsi sw bitohd Ay d(namot(sahroowunnd 5000 B.Cs .; oolduegshtl kyn coowntne mtatptooroas o ). tzi wahowitdiffersfromourmodern,scientificworldview.ThisTables 3-1 and 9-1), but his world in Europe was lpturrime aarnidly i h n u doers ctehned f h ainsttos rilicvaeld. This is further eviedneensciesonesthbea nSdoruyt.hTyrol Mgdayt haenrdin hg,isnboetl oonngei nogy si na rBo layaccount. framework of the Gnoof huntingtz iasn bdouseum of Archeolog f agriec uolzna ndois,prthern Italy. Google image.framework opens the door to clearing up longstanding ques- V Figure 9-2. Great Hal of ttich/es hBaumlsa, nGisrtoict ce udlteu Lreass cnaautuxr, alahgeo ,e basyt ewrhn icMhe tdimiteer rtahnee Nana taurfieaans t 8 ADAM AND EVE c t e tw 9 E l ore, t edly located (Figs 3-3,te 3-4), sliavnendo a rbe Aporrokbianbgl yw haes thdies np lwacaessstuhpepseo sshiteesse i nd etshcee nLdaaten tNs oeof lAitdhaimc ( cToaubld loeou nadb so32lut00e lyB .fCix.e dw, hbeutnimroons Figure 9-3. Seventy-eight Early ,N ~ 1w2e,r0e0 a0l rteoa d10y ,0c0ul0ti vyaetairnsg eolithic Natufian sites injust begi sn isn 4 in:2g.0-2l2 laorfe t hass ooccciautepdat iwointshma ecnivtiiolinzeedd no-t1 )h. aTvehe obzjecrtes,Farnadn cpeh. eInn oamniemniosn are thought to poses souls.wild wheat and barley. ANDORIGINS rievfelidt hbice,f oarsehtahsebNeeenol iptrhoicp oisne tions, such as: Meapniyct eedar layn cimulatulsr eosn,rsoucchkwasa tlhs oasse p ian rAt forfic tah eainr dre Aliugsitoruasl ia,d ohf atth epe leospsl ep rgormouinpesn t i tnshitaebs iaterdenthoetnNaemare Eda. sTth loisn mg abpe fsohroewin oGdee noef life, and not with a hunter-gatherer so- c lithic/Meso dh b yP s aolemoe-Within the red circled areas, many sm ere stone tools were used. Furthermore,Progressive Creationists. pioetttye rwyh has been found at the earliest southern activities. Since these paintings in France date up to aboute 6a0r0th0yCerearast iaognois,t Thames and Hudson, E ie e eJa :L e 2 so0 nd . e o l ln An 1t d 9 , T 7A 5h) d e .a N m eoc lit a h l i l c e d his wifes name Mesop-otam ( v g e 95 c ) a s n e ids h E e r ardche iu s ,o t n h log e e a ri ct alwsihtes,Tello e f t l h ev g elr-Oueilii ad .e ( n ) giesI tp liasc eve Aryd aimm paonrdt aEnvte tahta ta ptphero Gxiemneatseilsy c thhreo nsaomloe- of the Near East,s th . eM aogdeif G odf t n frhoe m Earth claimed by Yo ung-E beau anwa mother o reallingKo JV time as does the anthropological and archeological 3x5i,s0t0e0dyine aprasr atsg oo,fiEtu isro tpheo ubgyh tth taht atti mshea. mWaiknimismed ima Caoym hmavoen s. sis 3 mMa a(r Fi f Are the days of creation actual twenty-four-hour days? Chapter 9 | Adam and Eve and Origins | 7 and Eve8 | A Worldview Approach to Science and Scripture: Making Genesis RealT h his chapter is about AdaminandF in them. Therefore,n most evangwelsi coanl C so tipain cs.thhisr itenceOurmigainnks.i ndO raignidnsemmberaancse s thbeo tho rtighein scoi-faruer tnhoetr mabooruet,ttoh ec hcahnugrec ht hheaisrnvoiety,sinci egnecnee rbaelc, ahuasdeWhere was the garden of Eden located? l ofof evolution (which we discussedthethis tradityio i baeel nv ieinwtchhea lllaesnt gefidft yb years orn dsoe,r aanncdehumans ine of a nsce- rotpuorlaolg yo,r itghine ets pheacs iaolnlyl icnetvhied elanscte t whaesn mtyo, uthnatte dth aeg pairnespto it. sacsiet ncchea potfe ar)rc, htehoel osgcyie, nacnidn cteh epr thrA of scientifiipdamites Geneasrilsy.iSn the time line of Figure and Are the Genesis patriarchs ages real numbers? A-d4a,m 1 it ando uElvdesfiete em reasonable to have coveredhibit Itohnaesobfe etnhem foyl leowxpienrgi eantcteit utdheastoCnh rtihseti asnusb jeecx-t wthis chapter where Genesis chronologicaly putsof human origins, andh eI spee crasotengaolryie ks:now Christians it:( aftere ctthlyebseifxo rdea oysraofft ecrr tehaeti ogna r(dCenh aopft eErd 2n) thatI fgalnl oinrtaon ecaec:hoPfe toapplsethweh m adjoornitty , kfnalolw i.n toM tahniys oaCndh adpitrer 3). However, since the subject odfi fAfidcaumlte cahtergisotriayn. sT, haen dsc pieenrthific evidence is relatively recent Was Noahs flood global or local? a an nddEcovem panlicd human origins is the mostn C b has issues, and astiendc eo fi ttsh eu mdaenrys tsacnideinncge -Sreclriiepst uorne ine ecno ndetrbaastte dto f otrh ea lmsuobsjet c1t5 0o fy eeavrosl.u tTiohen,r ewfohreic hmanyIs evolution a belief or a fact? The Tower of Babel by Brueghel, Jan the Elder (Velvet), around 1620. This paintin wga ssh tohwe sm thosettfoawmeoru ass czeigngduinragtionft oa nhceieavnetnt m ineg Chsernisttiiaaln ssc iaernece-Scripture iss this subject as an-chaanpyt eorfs ,t hIe d teocpidicesd w teo h davisec ucsosv eitr elads itn a pmreocnegd th es unfamiliar wiuthe .ainmde ;is i ttsy pmicoaul nodftshtielReexnisatsis sinan Bcaeb sytlyolne(oFfi gE u3ro-3p)e. aPnin aarcotitsetcsa.NThaezi orenaall eto, Swieenra o; fA Brta Rbeeslources #69565.eighTth sacti eAndcaem-S carnidp tEuvreeacroen tthreo vfaetrhsieer s.a nd mothertiansA paraet hawya: rPee tohpaltetwhheroedios nscti ecnatriefi.cOevthideer nCceh rfiosr of the whole human race has been the traditionalthe position that Adam and Eve are not the parents Were Adam and Eve real people? v pierwof eosfs itohnescohfu rfachit hfo rh caevnet utrhiiess ,b aenlide f-mreaqnuyi rcehmurecnht o itf,uths eailrl ,m biuntd -tsheety b perinefge:rItfo w reem iganinor aep tahthe eetvicidaebnocuet,Chapter 9 | Adam and Eve and Origins | 334kregel.com/academic'