b'FEATURED SERIESAVAILABLECHARTS ON THE BOOK OF HEBREWSHerbert W. Bateman IV978-0-8254-2466-3$26.99Paperback272 pagesCHARTS ON THE BOOK OF REVELATIONMark Wilson978-0-8254-3939-1$21.99Paperback136 pagesCHARTS ON THE LIFE, LETTERS, AND THEOLOGY OF PAULLars Kierspel978-0-8254-2936-1$26.99Paperback288 pagesKregel AcademicRights: WorldKREGEL CHARTS OF THE BIBLEAND THEOLOGYThere is nothing like a good chart to help learners quickly understand and assimilate complex information. Kregel Charts of the Bible and Theology present biblical and theological concepts in a visual way. Ideal for classroom presentation or for individual use by visual learners.42kregel.com/academic'