b'MISSIOLOGY, EVANGELISM & APOLOGETICStreatment of the theory and practice of Bible trans-lation that is balanced, up-to-date, and linguistically informed, this is the book for you.R. Bruce Compton, Detroit BaptistTheological SeminaryBillBarrickhaslaboredfordecadesintraining translators, theologians, and pastors. Add his work on translation committees and his expertise in the biblical languages and theology, and you get a sure guide to better understand the challenges translators face.Kyle Davis, Bible Translation FellowshipDr.Barrickshowshowtopreservetheauthorial intent of Scripture while at the same time produce an understandable rendering of the biblical text in a tar-get language. . . . Barrick is a scholar, missionary, and Bible translator. I cannot think of a more qualified author to write this book.John MacArthur, Grace Community ChurchWilliam D. Barrick (ThD, Grace Theological Seminary) is professor emeritus of Old Testament at The Masters Seminary inSunValley,California.Hisotherpublicationsinclude Ecclesiastes: The Philippians of the Old Testament.CONTENTS1.Because They Understand 2.Common Language for Common People3.Semantics and Context in Bible Translation4.Simplicity and Clarity in Bible Translation 5.Theology and Bible Translation 6.Translating the Shepherd Psalms First VerseUNDERSTANDING BIBLE7.The Ultimate Challenge of Bible Translation8.Which English Bible Version Is Best?TRANSLATION 9.What Does It Take to Be a Bible Translator?Bringing Gods Word into New Contexts 10.Preparing for the Project: Establish Translation Principles11.A Final RequestWILLIAM D. BARRICK978-0-8254-2025-2$21.99Paperback6 x 9256 pagesBiblical Reference / Language StudyKregel AcademicRights: WorldAvailableIn Understanding Bible Translation, William Barrick surveys the fascinating work of Bible translation worldwide. Drawing on decades of experience translating the Bible, Barrick explains bestpracticesforBibletranslationandwalksthereader throughthetranslationprocess.Inaddition,heprovides insightforevaluatingEnglishtranslationsandhighlights resources for understanding difficult passages of Scripture.Understanding Bible Translation is an engagingly writ-ten, hands-on study of the art and science of Bible translationbyaveterantranslatorandlong-time professor of Old Testament. If you are looking for a 30kregel.com/academic'