b'MISSIOLOGY, EVANGELISM & APOLOGETICSUNLIKELY CONVERTS DEFENDING YOUR FAITHImprobable Stories of Faith and What They Teach UsReliable Answers for a New Generation of SeekersAbout Evangelism and SkepticsRevised and Expanded EditionRANDY NEWMAN978-0-8254-4563-7$17.99 DAN STORYPaperback5.5 x 8.5192 pages 978-0-8254-4620-7$17.99Christian Ministry / Evangelism Paperback5.5 x 8.5304 pagesKregel Publications Christian Theology/ApologeticsRights: World Kregel PublicationsAvailable Rights: WorldAvailableAngry at God. In love with their sin. Too far gone. Antagonistic toward Christians.Defending Your Faith helps Christians see that their faith is rea-Weve all met people who dont seem approachable with thesonably and intelligently grounded on objective, verifiable evi-idea of the saving grace of the cross. But what if theyre exactlydence. And it equips readers to share these answers with family, the ones who teach us the most about evangelism?friends, and coworkers who have questions about Christianity.Join Randy Newman as he shares practical ways to followStorys book has filled a valuable niche in apologetics for the Great Commissionand surprising stories of faith that tes- the past twenty years. He has helped countless readers answer tify to the unstoppable power of the gospel.confrontational questions about their faith.Full of amazing stories of Gods pursuit of the lostIn this revised and expanded edition, Dan Story goes even and practical, real-life application. further. With the latest apologetic evidence and tactics, he not Dr. Joel S. Woodruff, C.S. Lewis Institute only answers those age-old questions but also deals with new challenges to Christianity that have emerged over the last two Unlikely Converts left me confident in Gods creativedecades, including the ubiquitous presence of social media. He ability to reach into difficult souls and woo them toalso responds head-on to the new breed of vocal, aggressive, the Savior. man-on-the-street atheists.Gregory E. Ganssle, author of Our Deepest Desires With culturally relevant strategies and a firm foundation Randy Newman (PhD, Trinity International University) is theof truth, Defending Your Faith will challenge you to share your Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism at Thefaith with others while knowing that you are not alone as you C. S. Lewis Institute in Washington, DC. His other publica- witness for Christ.tions include Questioning Evangelism. Dan Story (MA, Simon Greenleaf University) is a contributing writer for the Christian Research Journal. His other publications include Should Christians Be Environmentalists?kregel.com/academic31'