b'FAITH & SCIENCEhuman natureall presented for lay readers to easily under-standactually argue for belief in God. In the second half, he looks at the arguments often presented against God in aca-demic and scientific settings and explains the false founda-tions on which they rest.For those who have been told the realities of science call for a rejection of God but cant quite get rid of the feeling that this shouldnt be true, The Works of His Hands clearly shows that the two dont have to be bitter enemies. This transformative story shares the beauty of the marriage between science and faithand how, together, they can bring even the most unlikely to salvation.Sy Garte (PhD, City University of New York) is the editor in chiefofGodandNaturemagazine.Hisotherpublications include Molecular Environmental Biology.CONTENTSPart 1: Getting There1.The Importance of Questions2.The Irrational World of Modern Physics3.Science Surprises4.Wonderful Life5.There Is GrandeurDarwins Evolution6.People7.Origins8.The Limits of Science9.The Call of FaithPart 2: Issues and Questions10.But What About . . . ?11.Love and Freedom, Chance and Will12.Evolution and Christianity13.Science and Faith TogetherTHE WORKS OF HIS HANDS 14.AlleluiaA Scientists Journey from Atheism to FaithSY GARTE; ALISTER M C GRATH, FOREWORD978-0-8254-4607-8$16.99Paperback5.5 x 8.5256 pagesReligion / Religion and ScienceKregel PublicationsRights: WorldNovember 19, 2019Raised in a militant atheist family, Sy Garte fell in love with the factual world of science. He became a respected research bio-chemist with an anti-theistic worldview to bolster his workand he had no intention of seeking a God he didnt believe in. That is, until the very science he loved led him to question the validity of atheism.His journey to answer these questions drew him into a fully committed faith, determined to show others the truth: mod-ern science doesnt contradict God at all but instead supports Christianity.In the first half of the book, Garte lays out exactly how his experiences and quest for knowledge brought him straight to Christianity. The lessons he learned from physics, biology, and kregel.com/academic35'