b'FEATURED SERIESAVAILABLEA COMMENTARY ON EXODUSDuane A. Garrett978-0-8254-2551-6$42.99Hardback752 pagesA COMMENTARY ON JUDGESAND RUTHRobert B. Chisholm Jr.978-0-8254-2556-1$42.99Hardback704 pagesA COMMENTARY ON 1 & 2 CHRONICLESEugene H. Merrill978-0-8254-2559-2$42.99Hardback640 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THE PSALMSVolume 1: Psalms 141Allen P. Ross978-0-8254-2562-2$49.99Hardback944 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THE PSALMSVolume 2: Psalms 4289Allen P. Ross978-0-8254-2563-9$49.99Hardback896 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THEPSALMSVolume 3: Psalms 90150Allen P. Ross978-0-8254-2666-7$54.99Hardback1,024 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THE PSALMS3-Volume SetAllen P. Ross978-0-8254-4232-2$144.99Hardback2,864 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF THE TWELVEMichael Shepherd978-0-8254-4459-3$38.99Hardback528 pagesA COMMENTARY ON ROMANSJohn D. Harvey978-0-8254-4210-0$29.99KREGEL EXEGETICAL LIBRARY Hardback400 pagesKregel AcademicRights: WorldWritten by evangelical scholars, the Kregel Exegetical Library (KEL) bene-fits pastors and students while also contributing to the scholarly dialogue on each book of the Bible. The commentaries in this ongoing series provide careful, in-depth exegesis for each passage.36kregel.com/academic'