b'BIBLICAL LANGUAGESThemanuscriptsthatformtheGreekNewTestamentare scattered throughout the world and are usually only accessi-ble to scholars and professionals. These were the manuscripts read by the earliest Christians, and they comprised their New Testament. In his volumes, Philip Wesley Comfort bridges the gap between these extant copies and todays critical text byprovidingaccuratetranscriptionsoftheearliestNew Testament manuscripts, with photographs on the facing pages so readers can see the works for themselves. Comfort also pro-vides an introduction to each manuscript that summarizes the content, date, current location, provenance, and other essen-tial information, including the latest findings. This allows stu-dents and scholars to make well-informed decisions about the translation and interpretation of the New Testament.Volume 1 includes manuscripts from Papyrus 172. Volume 2 includes manuscripts from Papyrus 75139 as well as from the uncials. In addition, it features a special section on deter-mining the date of a manuscript. This two-volume set replaces the previously published single-volume Text of the Earliest New Testament Greek Manuscripts, as it contains many new manu-scripts,updatedresearch,andhigherqualityimagesofall manuscripts previously covered.The earliest manuscripts are a topic of reflection and debate when it comes to the New Testament text. This book gives you the latest, up-close look at the first four centuries of manuscripts. This a useful study that reveals the state of the discussion about these important manuscripts.Darrell L. Bock, Dallas Theological SeminaryThe first edition of this book filled a very important THE TEXT OF THE EARLIEST NEWneed in bringing the earliest New Testament man-TESTAMENT GREEK MANUSCRIPTS,uscripts in a single space. This second edition only VOLUME 1enhances the works usefulness as it includes fifty new manuscripts. The discussion of the dating of the Papyri 172 manuscripts will be of considerable value. All those interested in New Testament textual criticism will PHILIP WESLEY COMFORT AND DAVID P. BARRETT find this to be an essential tool.THE TEXT OF THE EARLIEST NEWJohn N. Oswalt, Asbury Theological SeminaryPhilip Wesley Comfort (PhD, University of South Africa) is TESTAMENT GREEK MANUSCRIPTS,senior editor emeritus at Tyndale House Publishers. His other VOLUME 2publications include A Commentary on Textual Additions of the Papyri 75139 and Uncials New Testament.David P. Barrett is a Bible reference editor. His other publica-PHILIP WESLEY COMFORT tions include the Crossway ESV Bible Atlas.978-0-8254-4519-4 (volume 1)978-0-8254-4516-3 (volume 2)$39.99Hardback7 x 10472 pages, v. 1; 496 pages, v. 2978-0-8254-4635-1 (two-vol set)$69.99Biblical Studies / New Testament / GeneralKregel AcademicRights: WorldOctober 22, 201912kregel.com/academic'