b'BIBLICAL LANGUAGESmeaning. The authors of each volume have scoured major ref-erence works and commentaries on each book, saving readers countless hours of research. The series is ideal for busy pastors consulting the Greek text for sermons, instructors preparing lectures, and students looking for supplementary study aids.Each volume in this series contains many practical features:Helpful charts, tables, and diagrams illustrate key pointsNumerouscalloutsprovidedeeperinsightsintoword meanings and theological issuesVisual cues highlight important informationAnintroductiontoeachbiblicalbooksummarizesthe grammar, style, and vocabulary of the book as a whole, includ-ing reminders and explanations of key terms.Pastors often dont have sufficient training in the exegesis of Scripture, or they have forgotten some ofwhattheylearnedinseminary.TheBigGreek Idea series is a helpful tool to remedy this situation. Highly recommended for those who want to sharpen their Greek skills and become better interpreters and expositors of Gods Word.Mark L. Strauss, Bethel UniversityGreek can be intimidating to many interpreting the New Testament. Here is a tool that works in great detail and with exceptional clarity. This study shows what the Greek text is doing at all relevant levels of meaning.Darrell L. Bock, Dallas Theological SeminaryThomas Moore (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is a pas-tor at Fellowship Church, Knoxville and president of Didache, PHILIPPIANS Inc.Hisotherpublicationsincludeanumberofbiblical An Exegetical Guide for Preaching and Teaching resources for training in Southeast Asia.B igg reeki deaSee page 41 for full seriesTHOMAS MOORE978-0-8254-4539-2$25.99Hardcover7 x 10288 pagesBiblical Studies / Exegesis & HermeneuticsKregel AcademicRights: WorldNovember 19, 2019The Big Greek Idea series provides all the relevant informa-tion from the Greek text for preaching and teaching the New Testament. Each New Testament book is divided into units of thought, revealing a big Greek idea (the authors main idea in the passage), and individual clauses are displayed visually to illustrate their relationships, portraying the biblical authors logicalflow.Greekclausesareaccompaniedbyanoriginal English translation.Additionalcommentaryexplainshowthesyntaxand vocabulary of each verse clarifies the biblical writers intended kregel.com/academic13'