b'MINISTRY & CHURCH LEADERSHIPMAXIMIZING THE MIDSIZE CHURCH MASTER DISCIPLESHIP TODAYEffective Leadership for Fruitful Mission and Ministry Jesuss Prayer and Plan for Every BelieverDAVID J. PETER DON HAWKINS978-0-8254-4565-1$18.99 978-0-8254-4634-4$17.99Paperback6 x 9176 pages Paperback5.5 x 8.5208 pagesChristian Living / Leadership & Mentoring Christian Ministry / DiscipleshipKregel Ministry Kregel MinistryRights: World Rights: WorldAvailable AvailableNearly one in four congregations in the United States is a mid- Using six essential statements by Jesus in the Upper Room size church (150400 worshipers per week), and the midsizeDiscourse of John 17, Don Hawkins traces the key principles of church has its own distinctive culture, dynamics, and charac- disciple-making to their most basic sourcethe concepts and teristics. Drawing on years of research and pastoral ministry,practices of Jesus himself.David J. Peter has written a comprehensive handbook for pas- The pattern laid down by Christ is a practical, workable tors and staff who direct these churches. one. This is not simply another list of vital topics for the grow-Peter covers the most important issues leaders encounter,ing Christian. Rather, it is a divinely inspired, Christ-centered including: outline actually modeled by Jesus.The important role they play in advancing the kingdomMaster Discipleship Today is a practical how-to tool for pas-of God tors, group leaders, and individual Christians who want to fur-Common cultural characteristics ther their own growth in the faith and lead others to a deeper Typical problems and productive solutions level of discipleship.Advantages over both small and large churches, and howWith the insight of an astute Bible student and the to capitalize on them skill of a gifted communicator, Hawkins helps us see Practices for developing healthy programs the centrality and substance of Jesuss passion and The responsibilities of the pastor plan for discipleship multiplication over a lifetime.Guidance for hiring staff and recruiting volunteersRalph E. Enlow Jr., The Association for Biblical Pastors of midsize congregations will find effective resourcesHigher Educationsand encouragement for successful leadership. DonHawkins(DMin,CalvinTheologicalSeminary)is David J. Peter (MDiv, Concordia Seminary) is professor ofPresident of Encouragement Communications and the pro-practical theology and chair of the Department of Practicalducer and host of Encouragement Today. His other publications TheologyatConcordiaSeminary.Hisotherpublicationsinclude The Roots of Inner Peace.include Christ Our Passover Lenten Sermon Series.26kregel.com/academic'