b'FAITH & SCIENCEnumerous related topics. Rather, Christians can rejoice at how Gods glory is revealed in both the Bible and the natural world.Gregg Davidson (PhD, University of Arizona) is the Chair ofGeology&GeologicalEngineeringattheUniversityof Mississippi. His other publications include The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth, as co-author.CONTENTSPart 1: Conflicts New and Old1.Setting the StageCrises of Faith2.Historical ContextHeliocentrism vs. ScripturePart 2: The Meaning of Scripture3.Nature and Biblical Inerrancy4.BeginningsMatthew and Genesis5.GenesisInside and OutPart 3: Conflict?6.Does Modern Science Conflict with Scripture?Part 4: The Credibility of Modern Science7.Confusing Science with Philosophy8.Questions of AgeEarth and Universe9.Evolution and the Origin of Life10.Origin of ManPart 5: War of Words11.Creation ScienceBehind the Curtain12.Dawn of the Young-Earth Evolutionist13.What About Intelligent Design?14.Opening DoorsFRIEND OF SCIENCE, FRIENDOF FAITHListening to God in His Works and WordGREGG DAVIDSON978-0-8254-4541-5$19.99Paperback6 x 9304 pagesReligion and ScienceKregel AcademicRights: WorldNovember 19, 2019Though some Christians and many skeptics see science and Christianity as locked in a never-ending battle, geologist Gregg Davidson contends that there is tremendous harmony between Scripture and modern science. Many apparent conflicts arise when the Bible is interpreted apart from its literary and his-torical contexts, but when these are taken into account, most alleged clashes resolve.ProceedingfromabeliefthatScriptureisinspiredand without error and that Gods creation should inform how we interpret the Bible, Davidson shows that Scripture and science need not disagree on issues like the age of the earth, Adam and Eve, Noahs flood, the origin and development of life, and kregel.com/academic33'