b'THEOLOGYHow does biblical theology fit within salvation history?How do we apply the truths we discover?40QuestionsAboutBiblicalTheologyprovidesresourcesto answer these key questions in order to guide readers in their own study and practice of biblical theology. Other vital topics the authors address include how to understand typology, key themes in biblical theology, and how Christians should relate to Old Testament promises.Ideal for courses on biblical theology, for pastors, and for anyone who teaches or interprets Scripture, 40 Questions About Biblical Theology will deepen your understanding and applica-tion of the whole counsel of God.Jason S. DeRouchie (PhD, The Southern Baptist TheologicalSeminary)isresearchprofessor ofOldTestamentandbiblicaltheologyat Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His other publications include What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About.Oren R. Martin (PhD, The Southern Baptist TheologicalSeminary)isapastorofClifton BaptistChurchandassistantprofessorof ChristiantheologyatTheSouthernBaptist Theological Seminary. AndrewDavidNaselli(PhD,BobJones University,PhD,TrinityEvangelicalDivinity School)isassociateprofessorofsystematic theologyandNewTestamentatBethlehem College & Seminary and a pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church. His other publications include 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT Three Views on Israel and the Church.BIBLICAL THEOLOGY CONTENTSJASON S. DEROUCHIE, OREN R. MARTIN, ANDPart 1: Defining Biblical TheologyANDREW DAVID NASELLIPart 2: Comparing Different Approaches to Biblical Theology40 Questions Series Part 3: Illustrating Biblical Theology: Tracing Themessee page 32 for full series Part 4: Illustrating Biblical Theology: The Use of Earlier 978-0-8254-4560-6$27.99W Scripture in Later ScripturePaperback6 x 9480 pages KREGEL Part 5: Applying Biblical TheologyBiblical Studies / General A C A D E M I CNovember 2020This is not only a book for professionals and scholars; this is An accessible survey of the meaning, methodologies,the book that every serious student of the Bible should own themes, and applications of biblical theology and refer to often. Although it proceeds on the basis of the evangelical faith, Christians of all persuasions will find this a To understand what the entire Bible teaches about any givenmine of well-organized, clearly written, comprehensive, infor-subject, we must practice biblical theology. By surveying themative, and easy to understand discussions of the forty ques-whole canon of Scripture, we can best discern what God hastions posed. I wish I had had a book like this whenover sixty revealedaboutanyparticularissue.Butdoingsorequiresyears agoI began my own journey in biblical theology.answering a number of important questions: Graeme Goldsworthy, Moore Theological CollegeWhat type of biblical theology will we choose?What overall story does the Bible tell?How should we understand the relationship between the Old and New Testaments?8kregel.com/academic'