b'KREGEL CLASSICSHANDBOOK OF EVANGELICALTHE TRAINING OF THE TWELVETHEOLOGY Timeless Principles for Leadership DevelopmentA Historical, Biblical, and Contemporary Survey A. B. BRUCEand ReviewROBERT P. LIGHTNER 978-0-8254-4679-5$26.99WPaperback5.5 x 8.5570 pages KREGELChristian Living / Leadership & Mentoring C L A S S I C S978-0-8254-3710-6$23.99W AvailablePaperback5.5 x 8.5312 pages KREGELChristian Theology / Systematic C L A S S I C S A classic guide to leadership training based on Jesuss Available methodsA clear, concise presentation of dispensational theologyFor over one hundred years The Training of the Twelve has been CoveringninemajordoctrinesoftheChristianfaith,Dr.highly regarded and widely received. A. B. Bruces work con-Lightner provides a historical perspective on each topic, a pos- tinues to speak powerfully and effectively to the contemporary itive statement of the areas of agreement among evangelicals,Christian generation.and a discussion of the different positions held by evangelicals.The methods that Jesus used to prepare his disciples are an Practical suggestions and study questions for applying the doc- inspiring model for training and equipping leaders and laypeo-trine to the daily issues of Christian living are also included atple for service. Dr. Bruce emphasizes that church is not a place the end of each chapter. Lightners balanced and evenhandedwhere people go but something that people are, and under-treatment of various theological positions and the breadth ofstanding and utilizing ones gifts and talents enrich both the coverage of beliefs among various evangelical groups make thisbody and the believer.one volume a helpful and reliable resource for doctrinal study. A. B. Bruce (18311899) is recognized as one of the most dis-The 2020 edition features a new foreword by Dr. Scott Horrell. tinguished biblical scholars of his time. He served as a minis-RobertP.Lightner(19312018)(ThD,DallasTheologi- ter and as a professor at the Free Church College in Glasgow, cal Seminary) was professor of systematic theology at DallasScotland.Theological Seminary. His other publications include A Biblical Case for Total Inerrancy. This classic continues to be must reading for every Christian.Bibliotheca SacraNo other treatment of theology in the present era does exactly[Bruce]markedmythoughtsgreatlyinthewholeareaof what Lightner accomplishes in the comparison and analysis ofdiscipleship.theological differences. His work is always done evenhandedly,Howard Hendrickswith an irenic spirit and remarkable comprehensiveness. Bibliotheca Sacrakregel.com/academic31'