b'THEOLOGYWhere do we stand in relation to fulfilling the Great Commission?How do baptism and teaching relate to the Great Commission?How does the Old Testament relate to the Great Commission?What is the responsibility of the local church to the Great Commission?Other highlights include a collection of notable quotations on the Great Commission, ideal for teaching and preaching.DanielL.Akin(PhD,UniversityofTexasat Arlington) is president of Southeastern Baptist TheologicalSeminary.Hisotherpublications include Exalting Jesus in Daniel.Benjamin L. Merkle (PhD, Southern Baptist TheologicalSeminary)isprofessorofNew Testament Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theo-logical Seminary. His other publications include 40 Questions About Elders and Deacons.GeorgeG.Robinson(DMiss,WesternSem-inary) is Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His other publications include Theology and Practice of Mission.CONTENTSPart 1: General Questions about the Great CommissionPart 2: Historical Questions about the Great Commission40 QUESTIONS ABOUT THE Part 3: Exegetical Questions about the Great CommissionGREAT COMMISSION Part 4: Biblical-Theological Questions about the GreatDANIEL L. AKIN, BENJAMIN L. MERKLE, ANDCommissionGEORGE G. ROBINSON Part 5: Practical-Missiological Questions about the GreatCommission40 Questions Seriessee page 32 for full series This book is a succinct and at the same time wide-ranging 978-0-8254-4448-7$24.99W exposition of the commission of Jesus given to the disciples Paperback6 x 9360 pages KREGEL and thus to the church to proclaim the gospel far and wide. Christian Ministry / Missions A C A D E M I C The authors elucidate the meaning of key passages in Scripture Available and thus present the geographical scope, the theological con-tent, and important historical parameters of the mission of Answers to the most common and difficult questionsthe church. This book deserves to be read by every Christian about missions and evangelism believer committed to the glory of God in all the world.Eckhard J. Schnabel, Gordon-Conwell Theological SeminaryJesuss Great Commission is one of the pillars of the churchs evangelisticworkandhasbeentheguidingprinciplefor40 Questions About the Great Commissionisanindispensable Christianmissionariesthroughouthistory.In40Questionstext for any pastor, professor, or student who cares about the About the Great Commission,scholarsDanielAkin,BenjaminChristian mission. In it, a biblical scholar, missiologist, and Merkle, and George Robinson unpack the meaning, history,seminary president join forces to answer every question youve theology, and practical applications of Jesuss command to goever askedor never askedabout our Lords parting commis-and make disciples. Ideal for personal or group study, this vol- sion to his disciples. Substantive, lucid, and compelling.ume will reignite your passion for evangelism while answeringBruce Ashford, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminarykey questions:kregel.com/academic7'