b'FEATURED SERIESAVAILABLEA COMMENTARY ON EXODUSDuane A. Garrett978-0-8254-2551-6$42.99Hardcover752 pagesA COMMENTARY ON JUDGESAND RUTHRobert B. Chisholm Jr.978-0-8254-2556-1$42.99Hardcover704 pagesA COMMENTARY ON 1 & 2 CHRONICLESEugene H. Merrill978-0-8254-2559-2$42.99Hardcover640 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THE PSALMSVolume 1: Psalms 141Allen P. Ross978-0-8254-2562-2$49.99Hardcover944 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THE PSALMSVolume 2: Psalms 4289Allen P. Ross978-0-8254-2563-9$49.99Hardcover896 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THEPSALMSVolume 3: Psalms 90150Allen P. Ross978-0-8254-2666-7$54.99Hardcover1,024 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THE PSALMS3-Volume SetAllen P. Ross978-0-8254-4232-2$144.99Hardcover2,864 pagesA COMMENTARY ON THE BOOK OF THE TWELVEMichael Shepherd978-0-8254-4459-3$38.99Hardcover528 pagesA COMMENTARY ON ROMANSJohn D. Harvey978-0-8254-4210-0$29.99Hardcover400 pagesA COMMENTARY ON JAMESAda Besanon Spencer978-0-8254-4461-6$26.99Hardcover352 pagesKregel AcademicW KREGEL EXEGETICAL LIBRARYWritten by evangelical scholars, the Kregel Exegetical Library (KEL) benefits pastors and students while also contributing to the scholarly dialogue on each book of the Bible. The commentaries in this ongoing series provide careful, in-depth exegesis for each passage.kregel.com/academic33'