b'ETHICSSandra L. Glahn (PhD, University of Texas at Dallas) is professor of media arts/worship and pastoral ministries at Dallas Theological Sem-inary. Her other publications include Vindicating the Vixens.C. Gary Barnes (PhD, Columbia University) isprofessorofbiblicalcounselingatDallas Theological Seminary.CONTENTS1.Our Bodies Tell Gods Story (Christopher West)2.The Two Adams and Spiritual Identity (Glenn R. Kreider)3.Sexualities in the First-Century World: A Survey of Relevant Topics (Joseph D. Fantin)4.Male and Female in the Genesis Creation Accounts: A Mission, an Ideal, and a Tragic Loss (Robert B. Chisholm)5.Gender: Male and Female in Interpersonal Expression(Sandra L. Glahn)6.Ethics at the Beginning of Life: Conception and Abortion(Richard L. Voet)7.Adolescent Sexuality (Jessica N. McCleese and Chelsi A. Creech)8.Adolescent and Young Adult Sexuality (Douglas E. Rosenau)9.Celibacy according to Jesus and Paul (Jay E. Smith)10.Celibacy and the Gospel (Abraham Kuruvilla)11.The Marriage Bed: The Fullness of Gods Design (J. Scott Horrell)12.Reproduction, Contraception, and Infertility (Sandra L. Glahn)13.Marital Sexuality (Michael R. Sytsma)14.Cohabitation: Research Trends and Observations(Scott M. Stanley)15.Divorce and Remarriage: Evidence from the Biblical Text(W. Hall Harris)16.Divorce: A Research-Based Perspective (C. Gary Barnes)17.Forced Sexuality: Rape (Joy Pedrow Skarka)18.Pornography, Prostitution, and Polyamory (James K. Childerston and Debby Wade)SANCTIFIED SEXUALITY 19.Sexual Orientation and Identity (Mark A. Yarhouse)Valuing Sex in an Oversexed World 20.Same-Sex Attraction: Washed and Waiting (Wesley Hill)21.Gender Dysphoria (Mark A. Yarhouse and Julia A. Sadusky) SANDRA L. GLAHN AND C. GARY BARNES,22.How to Make Ethical Decisions (Darrell L. Bock) EDITORS 23.Personal and Interpersonal Sexual Ethics (C. Gary Barnes) 978-0-8254-4624-5$25.99W Sanctified Sexuality embraces a complex and multifaceted sub-Paperback6 x 9408 pages KREGELChristian Theology / Ethics A C A D E M I C ject with a beautiful balance of cultural intelligence and bibli-Available cal relevance.Mark Yarbrough, President, Dallas Theological SeminaryExpert biblical, pastoral, and ethical guidance for difficult questions of sexual ethics Courageousandgrounded:Thesearethewordsthatbest describe Sanctified Sexuality. Where we have milled around for God created humans as sexual beings before pronouncing hisyears in confusion about sex and sexuality, this book moves us creation very good. And while we continue to witness manyforward with clarity and conviction.cultural changes relating to sex and gender, one thing thatTerry D. Hargrave, Fuller Theological Seminaryremains unchanged and timeless is the foundation for sexual intimacyGods beautiful design for the flourishing of those created in his image.Editors Sandra L. Glahn and C. Gary Barnes bring together twenty-two expert contributors in the fields of biblical stud-ies, theology, and psychology to address the most important and controversial areas of sexuality that Christians face today. kregel.com/academic5'