b'ETHICSRace relationsHomosexuality, sexual identity, and genderCreation careCapital punishmentJust war, pacifism, and the use of lethal forceMagnuson provides biblical insights and key moral con-siderations for each subject, while also addressing practical questions. Readers will learn how to grapple with complicated moral situations and receive guidance for some of lifes most challenging ethical problems.Ken Magnuson (PhD, Cambridge University) is executive director of the Evangelical Theologi-cal Society and professor of Christian ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.CONTENTSPart 1: Philosophical FoundationsPart 2: Biblical FoundationsPart 3: Marriage and Human SexualityPart 4: The Sanctity of Human LifePart 5: Social Order and the EnvironmentReading Invitation to Christian Ethics is like taking a course with a favorite professor, one who is immensely knowledgeable, unusually wise, and unexpectedly warm.I have rarely seen such sound, thorough Christian teaching rendered so compel-ling and so beautiful.Karen Swallow Prior, Southeastern Baptist INVITATION TO CHRISTIAN ETHICSTheological SeminaryMoral Reasoning and Contemporary Issues Written with the wisdom of a Cambridge scholar, yet in a KEN MAGNUSON language welcoming to pastors and university students, this book is a wonderful guide for developing moral reasoning. Invitation to Theological Studies Relentlessly biblical and readily accessible, every pastor should see page 36 for full series have this book on the shelf to help Christians navigate some of the hardest issues in life.978-0-8254-3445-7$44.99W David Kotter, Colorado Christian UniversityHardcover7.5 x 9.25544 pages KREGELChristian Theology / Ethics A C A D E M I CSeptember 2020A comprehensive introduction to Christian ethics addressing todays most challenging moral issuesWith clarity and pastoral sensitivity, Invitation to Christian Ethics offers readers a guide for considering todays difficult moral questions. Author Ken Magnuson provides a biblical perspec-tive on contemporary theories of moral reasoning. He helps readers learn to apply these concepts to many of the challeng-ing issues Christians face, including:Marriage and divorceInfertility and assisted reproductive technologiesAbortionPhysician-assisted suicide4kregel.com/academic'