b'BIBLICAL INTERPRETATIONDo all types lead to Christ?How was allegory practiced in the early church?Situating typology and allegory within salvation history, Chase shows how these devices reveal the interconnectedness ofScriptureandcommonlyoverlookedaspectsofChrists person and work. Students, Bible teachers, and preachers will find this an essential resource for interpreting Scripture more comprehensively.Mitchell L. Chase (PhD, The Southern Baptist TheologicalSeminary)istheseniorpastor ofKosmosdaleBaptistChurchinLouisville, Kentucky,andanadjunctprofessoratBoyce College. His other publications include Behold Our Sovereign God.CONTENTSPart 1: The Bibles Big StoryPart 2: Questioning TypologyPart 3: Questioning AllegoryPart 4: Reflecting on Typology and AllegoryThe Bible keeps building on its metaphors and images till they are bursting with life and meaning. Mitch Chase recog-nizes this and offers a wise, careful, and comprehensive survey of these reading strategies.Patrick Schreiner, Midwestern Baptist Theological SeminaryYou need to read this book! . . . There are important differ-40 QUESTIONS ABOUT TYPOLOGYences between typology and allegory, but there are much big-gerdifferencesbetweenthewaythatorthodox,premodern AND ALLEGORY interpreters make use of them and the way they function in the MITCHELL L. CHASE hands of modern, historical critics. It is a matter of perspective 40 Questions Series and this book will help you gain a better perspective on how to see page 32 for full series go about interpreting the Bible as divine revelation.Craig A. Carter, Tyndale University978-0-8254-4638-2$23.99WPaperback6 x 9320 pages KREGELBiblical Studies / General A C A D E M I CSeptember 2020A survey of two literary devices that are indispensable for understanding salvation historyBiblical types and allegories are common literary devices in Scripture that are vital for understanding salvation history, as they reveal truths about Jesus Christ found nowhere else. MitchellChaseprovidesathoroughintroductiontoboth devices, showing where they appear throughout Scripture and the historical roles they have played in biblical interpretation. In a convenient question-and-answer format, Chase answers key questions such as:Why should interpreters care about typology and allegory?12kregel.com/academic'