b'HOMILETICSAPPLYING THE SERMON PREACHING OLD Daniel Overdorf TESTAMENT NARRATIVES978-0-8254-3447-1$17.99 Benjamin H. WaltonPaperback208 pages 978-0-8254-4258-2$18.99Paperback256 pagesDYING TO PREACH SENSITIVE PREACHING Steven W. Smith TO THE SEXUALLY HURTING978-0-8254-3897-4$16.99Paperback176 pages Sam Serio978-0-8254-4417-3$17.99Paperback208 pagesINVITATION TO BIBLICALSHOW ME HOW TO PREACHING PREACH EVANGELISTIC Donald R. Sunukjian SERMONS978-0-8254-3666-6$29.99 R. Larry MoyerHardcover376 pages 978-0-8254-3880-6$18.99see page 40 for full series Paperback256 pagesONE YEAR TO BETTERUSING OLD TESTAMENT PREACHING HEBREW IN PREACHINGDaniel Overdorf Paul D. Wegner978-0-8254-3910-0$19.99 978-0-8254-3936-0$19.99Paperback320 pages Paperback176 pageskregel.com/academic23'