b'THEOLOGYof the canon moves the overarching narrative forward. Finally, Kimble and Spellman draw out central themes of Scripture including kingdom, temple, atonement, Gods glory, and mis-sion. Biblical theology offers us the framework for articulation of clear doctrine, which shapes our lives and is embodied by Gods people in the church. This volume will give readers the tools to begin doing biblical theology in their own study. Jeremy M. Kimble (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of theological studies at Cedarville University. His otherpublicationsinclude40QuestionsAbout Church Membership and Discipline.ChedSpellman(PhD,SouthwesternBaptist Theological Seminary) is associate professor of biblical and theological studies and lead devel-oper of online Bible programs at Cedarville Uni-versity. His other publications include Toward a Canon-Conscious Reading of the Bible.CONTENTSSection 1: Studying the Bibles TheologySection 2: The Bibles Grand StorylineSection 3: The Bibles Significant ThemesSection 4: Biblical Theology in the Church and the AcademyA gift to the church and the academy! This would be a won-derful book for an upper level college class on hermeneutics or a seminary class. The focus on the church and the academy INVITATION TO BIBLICAL THEOLOGY is excellent because if biblical theology isnt for the people of God it is all for nothing. Well written, engaging, thorough, and Exploring the Shape, Storyline, and Themes of Scripture practical.JEREMY M. KIMBLE AND CHED SPELLMAN Stephen G. Dempster, Crandall UniversityInvitation to Theological Studies It is no small thing to be asked to organize the contents of see page 36 for full series Scripture on its own terms as a coherent story. In so doing, Kimble and Spellman effectively demonstrate that the reports 978-0-8254-4561-3$44.99W of biblical theologys death have been greatly exaggerated. Here Hardcover7.5 x 9.25528 pages KREGEL is a proposal to do biblical theology in partnership with exe-Biblical Studies / General A C A D E M I C gesis and systematic theology, with a focus on canon, cove-August 2020 nant, and Christ, in and for both the academy and the church. A comprehensive introduction to biblical theology idealI accept the invitation, as every serious reader of the Bible for seminary courses should.Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Trinity Evangelical Divinity SchoolBiblical theology is the study of the whole Bible on its own terms. Invitation to Biblical Theology provides a thorough over-view of the discipline that is accessible for those new to the topicbutsubstantialenoughforadvancedstudy.Authors JeremyKimbleandChedSpellmanguidereadersthrough their insightful approach to the shape of Scripture, built on the framework of the canon, the covenants, and the Messiah. TakingGodsplanofredemptioninChristastheuniting theme of Scripture, they survey the grand storyline of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation, showing how each division 6kregel.com/academic'