b'MINISTRY & CHURCH LEADERSHIPMATCHING PASTORAL CANDIDATESBAPTISMAND CHURCHESThe Believers First Obedience A Guide for Search Committees and CandidatesSecond EditionJOSEPH UMIDI LARRY E. DYER978-0-8254-4680-1$17.99W 978-0-8254-2664-3$10.99WPaperback5.5 x 8.5154 pages 978-0-8254-2570-7$109.99Pastors DozenChristian Ministry / Pastoral Resources Paperback4.25 x 7104 pagesOctober 2020 Christian Rituals & Practice / SacramentsAvailableA guide to both sides of the candidate process Answers to the most important questions about Withhumorandinsightbornofexperience,JosephUmidibelievers baptismhelps candidates approach a selection process by clarifying their personal vision for ministry, connecting heart to heartBaptism is a step of obedience for every believer, but behind this with decision makers, and asking the right people the rightsimple act lies a rich tapestry of Christian belief and teaching. questions. Search committee members will find guidance inIn the second edition of this short volume, Larry Dyer responds analyzing a churchs readiness for change, determining what isto the most common questions Christians have about bap-most needed, and evaluating a candidates strength in meetingtism in nontechnical language, making it ideal for personal or those needs. Eleven appendixes provide key model documentssmall group study. He explains what baptism is, what it means, that will help the decision-making process. why it is necessary, and what the mode of baptism should be. He also addresses whether infant baptism should be practiced, JosephUmidi(DMin,TrinityEvangelicaland whether baptism contributes to a believers salvation. He Divinity School) is professor of practical the- ends the book with practical advice for how to prepare for and ology at Regent University. His other publica- enjoy ones experience of baptism.tions include Transformational Coaching.Larry E. Dyer (DMin, Covenant Theological Sem-CONTENTS inary) has served as a pastor for over forty years. Part One: A Time for Relationship Renewal CONTENTSPart Two: Models and Methods for the Church 1.What Is Baptism? Part Three: Models and Methods for the Candidate 2.What Does Christian Water Baptism Mean? 3.Why Be Baptized? 4.What Is the Mode of Baptism?5.Crucial Questions about Baptism6.Practical Hints for Baptism 26kregel.com/academic'