b'WORLD RELIGIONS, MISSIOLOGY, & EVANGELISMWhat are the differences between the Quran and the Bible?What is shariah law?What is the Islamic view of salvation?What happens in the mosque?What does Islam teach about women?How should a Christian share the gospel with Muslims?Helpful summaries at the end of each chapter encapsulate important information, followed by discussion questions use-ful for personal or classroom study. Matthew Aaron Bennett (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is assistant pro-fessorofmissionsandtheologyatCedarville University. His other publications include Nar-rativesinConflict:AtonementinHebrewsandthe Quran.CONTENTSPart 1: The Traditional History of IslamPart 2: The Sources of Authority for IslamPart 3: The Theology of IslamPart 4: The Practice of IslamPart 5: The Quran and the BiblePart 6: The Development of Contemporary Critical ScholarshipPart 7: The Christian Gospel and the Followers of IslamThis is a superb book! It is rare to have a solidly evangelical author address Islam and Muslims objectively yet fairly, but 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT ISLAM maintain an uncompromising imperative to befriend Muslims MATTHEW AARON BENNETT and share the lifesaving good news of Jesus with them. This workdoesjustthat.MatthewBennettsthorough,profes-40 Questions Series sional,straightforward(andeasy-to-read!)approachplaces see page 32 for full series just what we need at our fingertips.Ant Greenham, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary978-0-8254-4622-1$21.99WPaperback6 x 9304 pages KREGEL 40 Questions About Islam is the best one-stop introduction to Islam / General A C A D E M I C IslamwrittenbyanevangelicalChristian.Init,Matthew Available Bennettprovidesconciseandreliableanswerstothemost Answers to the most common and difficult questionsimportant questions people have about Islam and Muslims, Christians have about Islam encouragingChristiansallthewhiletorelatelovingly, respectfully, and evangelistically to their Muslim neighbors. Islam is one of the most significant forces shaping the worldRecommended highly and without reservation.today, but most Christians are uncertain of its key beliefs andBruce Riley Ashford, Southeastern Baptist Theological practices. Many wonder about the apparent similarities andSeminaryobvious differences between Christianity and Islam, and want to reach out to Muslim friends or neighbors with the gospel but dont know where to begin. Having spent several years liv-ing in North Africa and the Middle East, missions professor Matthew Bennett guides readers through Islams key tenets and provides answers to critical questions, such as:Who was Muhammad and what was his message?Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?18kregel.com/academic'