b'FEATURED SERIESAVAILABLE INVITATION TO BIBLICAL HEBREWRussell T. Fuller & Kyoungwon Choi 978-0-8254-2650-6$49.99Hardcover388 pages INVITATION TO BIBLICAL HEBREW: DVDS Russell T. Fuller & Kyoungwon Choi 978-0-8254-2651-3$49.99DVD video6 DVDs INVITATION TO BIBLICAL HEBREW: WORKBOOK Russell T. Fuller & Kyoungwon Choi 978-0-8254-2652-0$29.99Paperback352 pages INVITATION TO BIBLICAL HEBREW SYNTAXRussell T. Fuller & Kyoungwon Choi978-0-8254-4257-5$64.99Hardcover528 pagesINVITATION TO BIBLICAL INTERPRETATION (First Edition)Andreas J. Kstenberger &Richard D. Patterson 978-0-8254-3047-3$49.99Hardcover896 pages second edition releasing Feb 2021INVITATION TO BIBLICAL PREACHING Donald R. Sunukjian 978-0-8254-3666-6$29.99Hardcover376 pages INVITATION TO CHURCH HISTORY:AmericanJohn D. Hannah978-0-8254-4385-5$49.99Hardcover464 pagesINVITATION TO CHURCH HISTORY:WorldJohn D. Hannah978-0-8254-2775-6$59.99Hardcover592 pagesINVITATION TO EDUCATIONAL MINISTRYGeorge M. Hillman Jr. & Sue G. Edwards 978-0-8254-4444-9$42.99Hardcover528 pagesINVITATION TO WORLD MISSIONSTimothy C. Tennent 978-0-8254-3883-7$38.99INVITATION TO THEOLOGICAL STUDIESHardcover560 pages The Invitation to Theological Studies (ITS) series comprises primary textbooks forINVITATION TO CHRISTIAN ETHICSintroductory courses at evangelical seminaries and graduate schools. The purposeKen Magnuson978-0-8254-3445-7$44.99of ITS is to offer the best in evangelical scholarship in an attractive and engagingHardcover544 pagesformat. The word invitation suggests the works are not only introductory but alsoINVITATION TO BIBLICAL THEOLOGYnonintimidating and winsomely presented. Since the textbooks in the ITS seriesJeremy M. Kimble & Ched Spellmanmost likely provide a students first formal exposure to a respective subject on the978-0-8254-4561-3$44.99graduate level, they are designed to both inform and inspire. Hardcover528 pagesKregel AcademicW36kregel.com/academic'