b'BIBLICAL STUDIESTHE INCARNATE CHRIST AND HIS CRITICSThe A Biblical DefenseINCARNATE J. ED KOMOSZEWSKI & ROBERT M. BOWMAN JR.CHRISTandA current, comprehensive, and clear defense of thedeity of Christ.HIS CRITICS The central theological claim of Christianity, that Jesus is God incar-A BIBLICAL DEFENSE nate, finds eager detractors across a wide spectrumfrom scholars who interpret Jesus as a prophet, angel, or guru to adherents of progressive J. Ed Komoszewski & Robert M. Bowman Jr. Christianity and non-Christian religions and philosophies. Yet thorough biblical scholarship strongly supports the historic Christian teaching on Jesuss divine identity. This expansive yet understandable tour gives skep-tics comprehensive research to engage with and gives Christian readers further evidence to strengthen their confidence in the truth about Jesus.Authors Ed Komoszewski and Robert Bowman Jr. follow the approach of their landmark 2007 study on the same topic, Putting Jesus in His Place. They focus on five pillars of New Testament teaching, using the acronym HANDS, and demonstrate what both Jesus and the earliest believers rec-ognized, namely, that Jesus shares in thehonors that are due Godattributes of Godnames of Goddeeds that God doesseat of Gods eternal throneThe Incarnate Christ and His Critics engages objections to the divine iden-tity of Jesus from Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, progressive Christians, Muslims, Unitarians, and others. Komoszewski and Bowman show how biblical scholarship cannot reasonably ignore the enduring, wide-ranging, and positive case for the deity of Christ.J. Ed Komoszewski (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) is the Equip-ping Pastor at Reformation Church in McKinney, Texas, and the Advisor to the CEO at the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts in Plano, Texas. His previous works include Reinventing Jesus (with M. James Sawyer and Daniel B. Wallace), Putting Jesus in His Place (with Robert M. Bowman Jr.), and Jesus, Skepticism & the Problem of History (with Darrell L. Bock).Robert M. Bowman Jr. (PhD, South African Theological Seminary) is the President of the Institute for Religious Research and coauthor of Put-ting Jesus in His Place.978-0-8254-4579-8$57.99Hardcover6 x 9896 pagesReligion / Christian Theology /Christology KREGELKregel AcademicRights: World A C A D E M I CAugust 6, 20248kregel.com/academic'