b'BIBLICAL STUDIESCATCHING UP WITH THE TOTE SERIES EDITORSAndrew T. Le Peau Seth M. EhornTell us about your visionWhat needs do you see thisAndy: While many commen-for this series. series meeting for the acad- taries do reference the Old emy and church? Testament, the Through Old Andy: For many Christians,Testament Eyes series is com-the Old Testament is, sadly, anSeth: For me, the most impor- mitted to giving full play to undiscovered country . how- tant audience for this series isthe Bible that Jesus and the ever, the Old Testament oftenthe church, including pastors,New Testament writers knew offers a key to understand- lay leaders, and parishioners.and lovedthat is, the Old ing the New. Why does MarkMy hope is that ChristiansTestament itselfin an acces-tell us that John the Baptistwill be challenged to readsible format.wore clothing made of camelboth testaments more fully hair? What does it mean whenand be inspired by the richSeth: . to my knowledge, Revelation says that there willconnections they uncover asthere exists no commentary be no sea in the new heaventhey read these commentaries. series that focuses exclusively and new earth? on how Israels Scriptures The answers to these ques- Andy: While these commen- inform and shape a given tions are found in the Oldtaries are informed by theNew Testament book. TOTE Testament. Even though webest scholarship, they are notis unique in focusing its think the New Testament iswritten in an academic style.commentary on how Israels easier to understand than theThe target audience is thoseScriptures contribute to the Old, it is the Old Testamentwho teach and preach in thesense and meaning of an that often unlocks the signifi- church. We want to give thementire New Testament book. cance of the New. the tools they need to explainHopefully readers will find how all of Scripture worksit accessible, affordable, and Seth: My vision for this seriestogether. The books also sug- rewarding to read the New is that these commentariesgest how the text can applyTestament through Old will help readers not only toto us and the church in theTestament eyes.grasp some of the profoundGoing Deeper sidebars.ways that Israels ScripturesDo either of you have a inform the New TestamentHow do you see this seriesfavorite quote from one of but also to cultivate anddiffering from other com- the volumes?shape our own imaginationsmentary series on the and motivate our faithfulAndy: I especially like the responses. market? following comment from 16kregel.com/academic'