b'BIBLICAL STUDIES1 & 2 CHRONICLESA Commentary for Biblical Preaching and TeachingKERUX COMMENTARIESJOSHUA E. WILLIAMS & CALVIN F. PEARSONEnables pastors and teachers to deliver biblical, cohesive, and dynamic messages.The books of 1 and 2 Chronicles do more than provide an account of historical events involving Gods people; they also point to the future using a picture of the past. In this commentary, authors Joshua E. Williams and Calvin F. Pearson explore the interrelated themes of divine covenant, the worship of Gods people, the kingdom as God envisions it, and the God-formed community found in this far-rang-ing and didactic narrative. Gods holiness, faithfulness, and gracious character find concrete expression in the accounts of the Davidic monarchy over many generations. These often-failed national leaders prefigure a better, coming Davidic king who will lead the way back to proper worship of God. Chronicles calls readers to both action and hope.Joshua E. Williams (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Sem-inary)isAssociateProfessorofOldTestamentandDirectorof ResearchDoctoralStudiesatSouthwesternBaptistTheological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has published essays in Texts and Canon: Essays in Honor of John Sailhamer and Reverberations of Exodus in Scripture and contributed articles for academic journals focusing on Chronicles, especially its relation to other texts.CalvinF.Pearson(PhD,UniversityofTexasatArlington)isa recentlyretiredpastorandstillservestheLordthroughwriting, teaching, and sermon coaching. His ministry experience includes pastoring in Texas and Michigan, and teaching homiletics at Dallas Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Clamp Divinity School at Anderson University, and Grace School of Theology.978-0-8254-5848-4$41.99Hardcover7.5 x 9.25592 pagesReligion / Biblical Commentary /Old Testament / Historical BooksKregel MinistryRights: WorldMay 21, 2024kregel.com/academic19'