b'FEATURED SERIES40 QUESTIONS ABOUT40 QUESTIONS ABOUT40 QUESTIONS ABOUT40 QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ANGELS, DEMONS, ANDCREATION AND EVOLUTION ROMAN CATHOLICISM HISTORICAL JESUSSPIRITUAL WARFARE Kenneth Keathley & Mark F.Gregg R. Allison C. Marvin PateJohn R. Gilhooly Rooker 978-0-8254-4716-7$23.99 978-0-8254-4284-1$27.99978-0-8254-4468-5$21.99 978-0-8254-2941-5$27.99 Paperback336 pages Paperback408 pagesPaperback240 pages Paperback432 pages 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT40 QUESTIONS ABOUT THE 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT40 QUESTIONS ABOUTSALVATION TEXT AND CANON OF THE ARMINIANISM ELDERS AND DEACONS Matthew Barrett NEW TESTAMENTJ. Matthew Pinson Benjamin L. Merkle 978-0-8254-4285-8$24.99 Charles L. Quarles & L. Scott 978-0-8254-4685-6$27.99 978-0-8254-3364-1$22.99 Paperback352 pages KellumPaperback400 pages Paperback272 pages 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT THE978-0-8254-4275-9$26.9940 QUESTIONS ABOUT40 QUESTIONS ABOUTAPOSTLE PAUL Paperback352 pagesBAPTISM AND THE LORDSHEAVEN AND HELL Benjamin P. Laird & Miguel G.40 QUESTIONS ABOUT SUPPER Alan W. GomesEchevarra TYPOLOGY AND ALLEGORYJohn S. Hammett 978-0-8254-4276-6$27.99 978-0-8254-4752-5$24.99 Mitchell L. Chase978-0-8254-4277-3$23.99 Paperback384 pages Paperback320 pages 978-0-8254-4638-2$23.99Paperback336 pages Paperback320 pages40 QUESTIONS ABOUT40 QUESTIONS ABOUT THE 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT BIBLEINTERPRETING THE BIBLE,END TIMES 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT TRANSLATION 2ND EDITION Eckhard Schnabel WOMEN IN MINISTRYMark L. StraussRobert L. Plummer 978-0-8254-3896-7$24.99 Sue Edwards & Kelley Matthews978-0-8254-4750-1$24.99 978-0-8254-4666-5$25.99 Paperback352 pages 978-0-8254-4725-9$24.99Paperback352 pages Paperback368 pages Paperback336 pages40 QUESTIONS ABOUT THE 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT40 QUESTIONS ABOUT ISLAM GREAT COMMISSIONBIBLICAL THEOLOGY Matthew Aaron Bennet Daniel L. Akin, Benjamin L. Jason S. DeRouchie, Oren R.978-0-8254-4622-1$22.99 Merkle, & George G. RobinsonMartin, & Andrew David Naselli Paperback304 pages 978-0-8254-4448-7$24.99978-0-8254-4560-6$27.99 Paperback360 pagesPaperback400 pages 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT PASTORAL MINISTRY40 QUESTIONS ABOUTPhil A. NewtonCALVINISM 978-0-8254-4656-6$23.99Shawn D. Wright Paperback336 pages978-0-8254-4231-5$24.99Paperback304 pages 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT PENTECOSTALISM40 QUESTIONS ABOUTJonathan BlackCHRISTIANS AND BIBLICAL978-0-8254-4824-9$23.99LAW Paperback336 pagesThomas R. Schreiner978-0-8254-3891-2$22.99 40 QUESTIONS ABOUTPaperback256 pages PRAYERJoseph C. Harrod40 QUESTIONS ABOUT978-0-8254-4692-4$22.99CHURCH MEMBERSHIP ANDPaperback296 pagesDISCIPLINEJeremy M. Kimble978-0-8254-4445-6$22.99Paperback272 pages40 QUESTIONS SERIESBENJAMIN L. MERKLE, SERIES EDITORThe 40 Questions series presents excellent research in accessible language and clear writing. Designed for both students and thoughtful general readers, these resources help readers make sense of the Bibles most difficult topics.Benjamin L. Merkle (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Dr. M. O. Owens Jr. Chair of New Testament Studies and Professor of New Testament and Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author or editor of more than forty books, including Why Elders? and Shepherding Gods Flock, and the editor of Southeastern Theological Review and the 40 Questions series.www.40Questions.net38kregel.com/academic'