b'FEATURED SERIESVIEWPOINTS SERIESFIVE VIEWS ON THE NEW TESTAMENT CANONStanley E. Porter & Benjamin P. Laird978-0-8254-4727-3$24.99Paperback288 pagesTHREE VIEWS ON ISRAEL AND THE CHURCHJared Compton & Andrew David Naselli978-0-8254-4406-7$23.99Paperback272 pagesFOUR VIEWS ON THE WARNING PASSAGES IN HEBREWSHerbert W. Bateman IV978-0-8254-2132-7$32.99Paperback480 pagesBIG GREEK IDEA SERIESEPHESIANSBenjamin I. Simpson The Big Greek Idea series provides all the relevant information from the 978-0-8254-4543-9$36.99 Greek text for preaching and teaching the New Testament. Each New Hardcover416 pages Testament book is divided into units of thought, revealing a big Greek PHILIPPIANS idea (the authors main idea in the passage), and individual clauses are Thomas S. Moore displayed visually to illustrate their relationships, portraying the bibli-978-0-8254-4539-2$31.99 cal authors logical flow. Greek clauses are accompanied by an original Hardcover288 pagesEnglish translation. JAMES Additional commentary explains how the syntax and vocabulary of Herbert W. Bateman IV & William C. Varner each verse clarifies the biblical writers intended meaning. The authors of 978-0-8254-4542-2$35.99Hardcover320 pages each volume have scoured major reference works and commentaries on each JOHNS LETTERS book, saving readers countless hours of research. The series is ideal for busy Herbert W. Bateman IV & Aaron C. Peer pastors consulting the Greek text for sermons, instructors preparing lec-978-0-8254-4546-0$36.99 tures, and students looking for supplementary study aids.Hardcover448 pages34kregel.com/academic'