b'MINISTRY & LEADERSHIPCOMING TO FAITH THROUGH DAWKINS12 Essays on the Pathway from New Atheism to Christianity DENIS ALEXANDER & ALISTER MCGRATH, EDITORSPersonal and deeply human stories . . . showing how the gospel is good news for life as well as mind. Ian Hutchinson, MITFor most, Richard Dawkins and Christian evangelist are polar oppo-sites. Yet for these twelve essayists, thats exactly what the father of New Atheism was. Powerhouses Denis Alexander and Alister McGrath gather scientists, theologians, and philosophers from around the world to tell their faith stories. In fascinating, often moving essays, the contributors explain how the arguments of Dawkins and fellow New Atheists were instrumental in converting them to Christianity, rather than convincing them of its dangers and fallacies.Contributorsincludetwelvemenandwomenfromfivedifferent countries across a variety of professionsphilosophers, artists, histori-ans, scientists, engineers, and more. Despite this range of backgrounds and cultures, all are united in the fact that they were first enthusiasts for the claims and writings of the New Atheists. But each of them became disillusioned by the arguments and conclusions of Dawkins, eventually recognizing the more intellectually convincing depth and rationality of authentic Christian faith.Anyone whose mind is open enough to consider the legitimate and authenticated tenets of Christianityand those who intend to refute the journeys describedwill want to spend time in this book. Readers will stretch their minds as they discover that the intellectual case for atheism is more tenuous than the New Atheists allege.Denis Alexander (PhD, Kings College) is Founding Director Emeritus of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge, where he is Emeritus Fellow of St Edmunds College.Alister McGrath (PhD, Oxford University), in addition to being a prolific author of books such as The Dawkins Delusion, is Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion, the Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Sci-ence and Religion, and a Fellow of Harris Manchester College at Oxford University.978-0-8254-4822-5$21.99 Paperback5.5 x 8.5272 pages Religion / Faith Kregel PublicationsRights: World Availablekregel.com/academic33'