b'BIBLICAL STUDIESA CONVERSATION WITH MARK KEOWN,AUTHOR OF PNEUMAFORMITYMark KeownWhat prompted you toindebted to him (and Jamesbe increasingly formed as we write Pneumaformity? Dunn, whose work was alsotake up our crosses and follow helpful) for excellent studiesJesus.My first thoughts for writingin the same space. The final reason is per-such a book came when writ- Alongside such insightssonal. I believe in Goding my Evangelical Exegeticalinto the Spirit, my study ofFather, Son, and Spiritand Commentary on Philippians. IPhilippians and especiallyso I know I am a child of God, noted many times Paul speaksmy engagement with Michaelsaved from sin and its con-of Gods work in the ChristianGormans work opened mysequences, justified by grace life without referring to theeyes to the importance ofthrough faith, to inherit eter-Spirit directly. I recognizedcruciformity in Pauls under- nal life. Knowing this, I want then that the apostle usedstanding. My research intoto live every moment of every interchangeable language toPaul led me to believe thatday, pleasing God and being a speak of the work of God inthe fundamental work of theuseful instrument in his mis-believers. Spirit in believers is to trans- sion to save humankind and I then noted that mostform them inwardly to berenew his world. The key to studies, such as that ofmore and more like Jesus inthis is to be led by the Spirit. Gordon Fees monumen- character and the exerciseSo, I set out on this journey tal and brilliant work Godsof our humanity and gifts.wanting to know the answer Empowering Presence, focus onNoting other helpful termsto this questionwhat does it texts explicitly mentioningto describe this process, suchmean to be led by the Spirit? pneuma (or ruach). Now awareas Christoformity and res- My goal, then, is to live this that Paul uses interchange- urrectiformity, I coined theway. This study has helped able theological language toterm pneumaformity me become more attentive describe the work of God andtransformation by the Spirit.to God, hear his whispers, the Son by the Spirit, I feltThe Spirit is the power ofrespond, and live a life that a fresh study was justified. Ithe resurrection in believers,makes my Savior proud. That proposed engaging with Feeforming them into the imageis the life of the Spirit. There as my studys leading conver- of Gods Son, a process thatis no other way to live. I hope sation partner. I had no ideawill be completed at our res- others find this helpful as when I set out that Gordonurrection. In the meantime,they seek to do the same.would die as I completedwe are to yield to the Spirits the draft, and I feel greatlyconstant inner impulses and 10kregel.com/academic'