b'BIBLICAL STUDIES1 PETERA Commentary for Biblical Preaching and TeachingKERUX COMMENTARIESTIMOTHY E. MILLER & BRYAN MURAWSKIIn 1 Peter, Timothy Miller and Bryan Murawski demonstrate how the activity of the triune God provides both encouragement and exhortation to the first-century readers of 1 Peter. The God who created and called believers has both redeemed them and empowered them to stand firm in the face of the worlds rejection. Such theological realities also apply to todays believers, those elect of God yet exiles in the world. Miller and Murawski infuse textual, canonical, historical, and rhetorical insight to support the preaching preparation of expositors eager to share the rele-vance of 1 Peter with their congregations.Timothy E. Miller (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary, PhD, Mid-western Baptist Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of New Tes-tament at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.BryanMurawski(PhD,WestminsterTheologicalSeminary)teaches Bible and ministry courses at Cairn University.978-0-8254-5841-5$32.99Hardcover7.5 x 9.25296 pagesReligion / Biblical Commentary /New Testament / General EpistlesKregel MinistryRights: WorldAvailableACTSA Commentary for Biblical Preaching and TeachingKERUX COMMENTARIESJOHN D. HARVEY & DAVID GENTINOIn Acts, John Harvey and David Gentino tease out the multifaceted yet compatible purposes apparent in Acts: showing God the Holy Spirit in action as Jesuss disciples undertook the commission that he gave them; presenting Jesus as Messiah and the source of salvation for all people groups; addressing objections to and accusations against the Christian movement;validatingtheGentilemission;andprovidingmodelsfor public proclamation and apologetical defense. Their preaching commen-tary explores contrasts and corollaries between the church in Acts and the church today, encouraging believers who have the same commission, same empowering Spirit, and same challenges of opposition to the faith and cultural boundaries as the early church.John D. Harvey (DMin, Wycliffe College) is Dean and Professor of New Testament at Columbia International University Seminary & School of Ministry in Columbia, South Carolina, and is an ordained teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America, where he is actively involved in978-0-8254-5829-3$41.99pulpit supply. Hardcover7.5 x 9.25576 pagesReligion / Biblical Commentary /David Gentino (MDiv, Columbia Biblical Seminary) is the church plant- New Testament / Jesus, theing pastor of Columbia Presbyterian Church (PCA) in South Carolina.Gospels & ActsDavid and his wife, Julie, have four children and have served in churchKregel MinistryRights: Worldplanting work around the world. Available20kregel.com/academic'