b'BIBLICAL STUDIESKaren Jobess John Through OldJob stamps down chaos while Testament Eyes which is notnonetheless not really being only insightful but illustratesseen.so well the value of reading the New Testament throughSeth recently joined the an Old Testament lens: editorial team. How did Jesuss command to fol- that come about?low me. [in Jn 1:43] is clearly a command to start walk- Andy: I am so glad Seth has ing. From the Old Testamentagreed to join the team as we know that walking was acoeditor of the series. He has meta phor for living, for howexcellent academic creden-one conducts ones life. Adamtials, a winsome personality, and Eve walked with the Lorda great network of contacts in in Eden (Ge 3:8), implyingthe academy and the church, they enjoyed fellowship withand a well-respected record of God. Both Noah and Enochpublishing that will serve all were said to have walked withour authors well.God (Ge 5:22, 24; 6:9). God commanded Abraham toSeth: I was happy to join walk blamelessly before himAndy in coediting this worth-(Ge 17:1). Psalm 1:1 blesseswhile series. He brings the the one who does not walkskill and wisdom of a career-in the counsel of the wicked. long editor and this works well with my own skill set. Seth: In Andys own MarkWe share a vision that this Through Old Testament Eyes, heseries should be informed by draws attention to three possi- excellent scholarship, written ble backdrops that might helpaccessibly, and pastorally sen-explain Marks unusual state- sitive.ment that Jesus intended to pass them by. Read the full interview Marks language of passingonline by visitingby recalls the image in these Old Testament passages (i.e. Exodus 33; 1 Kings 19; Job 9). In summary, this episode compares Jesus, who passes by the disciples, to God, who (1) passes by Moses to revealkregelacademicblog.com/news/his true character and being,through-old-testament-eyes-an-(2) passes by Elijah to giveinterview-with-series-editorscomfort and strength, (3) in kregel.com/academic17'