b'BIBLICAL STUDIESHow did your perspec- Spirit leads us as God wills,whom we live and have our tive on this topic changeand as in the life of Christ,being.throughout the writingthat means suffering for hisThe Spirit is Gods great process? sake. However, he never aban- gift to us, by whom he and dons us; he strengthens ushis Son live in us. Our chal-I came to a tentative view thatas we pass through it, evenlenge is to live by the Spirit. there is no general revelation.to death, or he leads us out.Our church and world need All revelation is special in thatFurthermore, in the cruciblenew generations of truly when we encounter God, sayof this suffering, the SpiritSpirit-led, Spirit-formed, and in nature, we experience theforms us and fills up the suf- Spirit-empowered people of Spirits nudging. I feel I haveferings of Christ. Christs character who exer-a better grasp on the work ofI also feel much morecise the gifts given to him to the Spirit at the proclama- attuned to the impulses of thethe point of death, even death tion of the gospelthe SpiritSpirit, realizing the need toon a cross. If more and more bears the sword of the wordde-stress and be quiet, at leastChristians can genuinely live of God and brings Gods wordinwardly, to hear/feel/senseby the Spirit, imagine how the dynamically into the humanthe nudges of God. I am on aGod who created the cosmos heart and mind. I also lovedpersonal quest to slow downcan transform it.exploring how the Spirit savesand listen to Gods music us as individuals and gluesas I walk through life andRead the full interview us together with others inencounter others God loves asonline by visiting:the body of Christ. While themuch as he loves me.Spirit is active at the moment of our justification, sanctifica- How do you see this proj-tion, and cleansing, the rela- ect influencing your future tional Spirit instantly impelsministry in academia and us toward others in Godsthe church?family. Nor does he stop there; kreglacademicblog.com/news/the Spirit pushes us out of theFor a while now, I have beenan-interview-with-mark-j-church to encounter unbe- urging those to whom I min- keown.lievers. As we engage withister that the key to life in them, we are to be led by thethe present age is the Spirit.Spirit in our postures (of love)The Spirit is forming Christ toward them, actions, andin us, transforming us into words we speak. the image of the Son; pneu-One chapter that blew mymaformity is Christoformity, mind is where I consideredand at its heart is crucifor-suffering and the Spirit. I hadmity driven by the power of not previously appreciatedresurrectiformity. And, of the Spirits role in bringingcourse, all of these are, in fact, us into times of suffering asTheoformity as we are formed he leads us in our lives . . . theto be like our Triune Godin kregel.com/academic11'