b'MINISTRY & LEADERSHIPMULTISITE CHURCHESBiblical Foundations and Practical AnswersDUSTIN SLATONAre multisite churches a healthy model for corporate worship?The multisite church model has been consistently challenged, deemed as unbiblical and incompatible with Gods design for the local church, but does scripture support this claim? The multisite church movement pushes against these assumptions. In Multisite Churches, pastor and church vitalist Dustin Slaton posits that congregational polity is compatible with the multisite model, dismantling critiques of the model with both urgency and care for the local churchs future. At a time when church fostering and church adoption is predicted to increase significantly, the multis ite church model is a solution that can support both.Bringingpersonalexperienceanderuditeresearch,Slatonheuris-tically demonstrates a methodological approach of ecclesiology with a theological framework for the multisite model, fairly addressing both critics and supporters. Faithful to the biblical examples provided, he evalu ates the marks of a healthy church and how they can be applied to the multisite model. He addressespreaching and teachingbaptism and the Lords Supperchurch membershipleadership and discipleshipstewardship and accountabilityevangelism and missionsMultisiteChurchesisaresourceforbiblicalecclesiologywithwide- ranging benefits for both clergy and congregant. Those prayerfully dis-cerning whether they can transition to a multisite church in a biblical way, and even those who are just interested in the topic, will benefit from the guidance and insight provided in this timely resource.Dustin Slaton (PhD, The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Round Rock, Texas. Prior to this, he served as a campus pastor in a large multisite church in Texas. He is married to Melody, and they have four children.978-0-8254-4829-4$22.99Paperback5.5 x 8.5312 pagesReligion / Christian Ministry /Pastoral Resources Kregel MinistryRights: WorldJanuary 16, 202428kregel.com/academic'