• Beyond the Swipe

    Beyond the Swipe
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    Edition: April 24, 2018

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    Publication date: April 24, 2018

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    Beyond the Swipe

    Honoring God, Respecting Yourself, and Finding the Right Match

    There's no doubt that the Internet has changed modern life. In the blink of an eye, we can look up obscure information, order groceries, or connect with old friends. With the advent of dating apps, even true love is at our fingertips--or so we're told. But how can single Christians find their way from that first swipe right of interest on an app to long-lasting, God-honoring love?

    Kristin Fry has her share of laugh-out-loud and cringe-worthy dating app stories, and she knows the fatigue that can come with digital dating. Despite the instant gratification that some dating apps advertise, true relationships are more than an interaction based on first impressions on a mobile device. In a warm, conversational style, Fry tackles a broad range of topics from evaluating profiles to first dates to maintaining healthy peer friendships even while dating. Kristin mines her own experience in the dating world but also includes insights from interviews with thirty married couples, and in-depth biblical study from Abraham and Sarah, the life of Jesus, the letter of Ephesians, and more.

    This isn't just another how-to book for finding Mr. Right; this is a guide to help single Christian women navigate the new normal without forgetting their genuine identity in a God who loves them. By the end, digital daters will have the right tools for dating well--and know that God's best is possible.
    Author: Kristin Fry
    Kristin Fry is a speaker, writer, and consultant with nearly twenty years of ministry experience with twenty-somethings. She lives in Atlanta, where she serves with North Point Ministries. This is her first book. Visit her at kristinfry.com.