• 40 Days with Jesus

    40 Days with Jesus
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    ISBN: 9780857216441

    Edition: April 27, 2015

    Pages: 160

    Publication date: April 27, 2015

    Format: Hardback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

    Category: Christian Living and Devotionals

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    40 Days with Jesus

    An Invitation to Know Him Better

    A refreshing and honest devotional from an inspiring church leader and poet

    The character and life of Jesus Christ can be studied and reflected on every day of a Christian's life. Because the topic is so overwhelming, some Christians forget to just be with Him. Duncan's book serves as a reminder to set time aside to get to know the One who came to save the world.

    Organized into short daily readings, each reflection is simple and straightforward and ends with a short prayer. Malcolm's selections will warm the heart as well as challenge. He says:

    "My hope is that as you read, you'll discover for the first time, or you will remember, just how central Jesus is to Christianity. You would be surprised how many people have forgotten that to be a Christian is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus didn't come to establish a religion, he came to change lives and to deal with the barriers that exist between God and us. He came to save the world. Unfortunately, we Christians are very good at boxing him in. He doesn't like boxes--they feel a little too like tombs and Jesus has a tendency to refuse to stay in those."

    Inspiring and packed with educated insight, 40 Days with Jesus can be used in group settings, as a personal devotional, or as part of Lenten reflections.

    "With scholarly wisdom and inspirational devotion Malcolm invites us to encounter the real Jesus. Undoubtedly 40 unmissable days, each one holding the potential to change our lives. Superb!"
    --Catherine Campbell, author of God Knows Your Name

    "Malcolm's simple reflections on the various facets of Jesus' character reflect his own commitment to Christ--uncluttered, uncompromising, accessible and passionate. Digesting these daily devotionals will draw you deeper and closer to God's heart."
    --Simon Guillebaud, author of Choose Life

    "Within each entry of this short, easy to read, collection of devotionals, Malcolm takes the reader on the great journey of experiencing Jesus. This straightforward and vast look at the life of Christ will deepen your understanding of Him and propel you out to live the Jesus way of life. 40 Days With Jesus is a lifegiving read!"
    --Rob Peabody, author of Citizen
    Author: Malcolm Duncan
    Malcolm Duncan is the founder and director of Church and Community and is the senior pastor of Gold Hill Baptist Church near London, UK. He regularly helps the British government and other groups to understand the role of church in society. He is deeply committed to serving the poor and excluded. Malcolm is a passionate communicator and over the past ten years has regularly written, broadcast, taught, and lectured on the themes of mission and Christian engagement with society.