• Keeping It Real

    Keeping It Real
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    Keeping It Real

    Keeping WHAT real?

    gabbing • goals • goodies

    It’s all that stuff you have to deal with that can leave your stomach in knots and just trying to maintain sanity. It’s the basics: gabbing (gossip), goals (personal direction), and goodies (sexual purity).

    It’s hard enough to be a teen without having to deal with the most recent rumor that’s floating around about you and what’s-his-name, the huge blemish that just happened to show up right before the prom, pressure from your folks to get into a good college, and the way your heart turns flips every time Mr. Sparkly-eyed-curly-haired-captain-of-the-soccer-team looks your way. You’ve got a lot to handle! That’s why Heather Jamison has written about the things in life that can seem trivial, but are really complicated, overwhelming, and exasperating.

    Using real-life examples and applicable Scripture verses, Heather chats with girls about life’s essentials—what to do when people talk about you behind your back, setting and keeping goals, and how to guard your heart AND your body. Heather’s friend, Chaplain Henry Rogers, is also welcomed back to chime in with valuable advice as he presents a guy’s perspective.

    Completely equipped with a guide—perfect for group or individual study—that helps you tackle the tough issues that don’t have easy answers!

    Heather Jamison serves as a humanitarian worker in Kenya, Africa, with her husband and four children. She has talked about her life experiences on FamilyLife Today, and has been published in a variety of Christian publications, including Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Woman, Youthworker’s Journal, Marriage Partnership, Decision, Real Family Life, and The Threshing Floor. Heather is the founder and director of Adopt a Legacy—a program in Africa offering education and personal assistance for orphans and the poor.

    Henry J. Rogers is the corporate chaplain for Interstate Batteries in Dallas, Texas. He serves on the President’s Council for Dallas Theological Seminary and on the boards for World Impact–Dallas, Children’s Hope Chest, and as chairman of the board for Probe Ministries. He is the author of The Silent War—a book that encourages moral purity.

    Author: Heather Jamison
    Heather Jamison met and fell headfirst in love with her husband, Brian (M.A., Dallas Theological Seminary), when she was 14 years old (he was 16!). Today they serve as humanitarian workers together in East Africa with their four children. A widely published author, Heather's work has appeared in many places including Focus on the Family, Today's Christian Woman, Real FamilyLife and Youthworker's Journal.