• Rooted in Wonder

    Rooted in Wonder
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    Edition: April 11, 2023

    Pages: 256

    Publication date: April 11, 2023

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    Rooted in Wonder

    Nurturing Your Family's Faith Through God's Creation

    Author: Eryn Lynum
    "Masterfully connects Scripture to nature and nature to God."
    --Lori Wildenberg, national speaker, parent coach, and author of six parenting books including The Messy Life of Parenting

    For a generation whose eyes are constantly trained on screens, encountering nature at all is increasingly difficult--much less seeing how God is revealed there. How can parents help children reengage with the natural world that is so full of amazement, creativity, and love?

    Eryn Lynum is a certified master naturalist, Bible teacher, and mom of four who wants to help families encounter and understand the connection between God and creation. She shares her own story of surrounding her kids with nature, and invites other parents to consider a similar journey.

    With practical sections that look at flora and fauna, water and sky through the lens of the Bible and activities to integrate faith and the natural world, Rooted in Wonder helps you instill within your kids an unshakable faith. Through the art of play, the drive of discovery, and the awe of adventure, children will gain a sense of wonder in their Creator that will last a lifetime.

    "A beautifully written, powerful treatment of the natural world as God's revelation to his people . . . [that] weaves theological insights with practical advice on how to instill a love for the natural word in kids of all ages."
    --Sy Garte, PhD, author of The Works of His Hands and editor-in-chief of God and Nature

    "With joy and practical know-how, Eryn Lynum helps parents connect the beauty of creation with love for the Creator. Rooted in Wonder is a must-read for helping the next generation to get outdoors and get to know God."
    --Matthew Sleeth, MD, executive director of Blessed Earth
    Author: Eryn Lynum
    Eryn Lynum is author of the book 936 Pennies, and has been featured on FamilyLife Today radio and the Simply Wholehearted podcast, as well as at Proverbs 31 Ministries, MOPS International, and For Every Mom. She lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and four children. Visit her online at erynlynum.com.