• The Forgiveness Project

    The Forgiveness Project
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    Edition: December 22, 2010

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    The Forgiveness Project

    The Startling Discovery of How to Overcome Cancer, Find Health, and Achieve Peace

    All religions value forgiveness, but only Christianity requires it. Internalizing anger is destructive to our spiritual health and can destroy families, marriages, and even churches. But what about our physical health? Is there a relationship between a spirit of unforgiveness and cancer? Between forgiveness and healing? How do you really forgive?

    After thorough medical, theological, and sociological research and clinical experience at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), author and pastor Michael Barry has made a startling discovery: the immune system and forgiveness are very much connected. Through the inspiring stories of five cancer patients, Barry helps readers identify--and overcome--the barriers that prevent healing and peace. See how a breast cancer patient named Jayne experienced spiritual and physical renewal when she learned to forgive. Meet Cathy whose story illustrates how forgiveness can positively change relationships. Be inspired by Sharon's story of spontaneous remission. With each true account comes proven strategies, tested and used by CTCA, that readers can implement to find peace with their past, relief from their hatefulness, and hope for healing.

    Competing titles may talk about forgiveness, but none specifically address the connection between forgiveness and physical health or offer forgiveness as a specific step toward healing from cancer. The Forgiveness Project presents scientific findings in easy-to-understand, accessible language and offers practical steps to help Christians let go of past wrongs and find peace.
    Available in Spanish
    Author: Michael S. Barry
    Michael Barry (DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary; MA, Princeton Theological Seminary) is Director of Pastoral Care at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where he specializes in the connection between spirituality and health. He has served in the ministry for over twenty years and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows around the country. He is the author of A Reason for Hope, A Season for Hope, and The Art of Caregiving.