• Just Love

    Just Love
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    ISBN: 9781909728134

    Edition: November 27, 2015

    Pages: 117

    Publication date: November 27, 2015

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Instant Apostle

    Category: Christian Living and Devotionals

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    Just Love

    Christ-like love is more than just a compelling idea--it can change the most jaded hearts.

    Everyone longs for love. Who could possibly be against it? Love seems uncontroversial: the modern-day equivalent of 'motherhood and apple pie.' However, might love be far more controversial--far more disruptive--than we think? Jesus was the only human to love perfectly. His love included friend and foe and was the cause of His death.

    Just Love uses the Gospel readings for Lent to explore how Jesus loved, and why this love led Him to the cross. It draws out the implications of His transforming love for our individual lives, for our life as a community, and even for our economic order. Drawing on decades of inner-city ministry, the authors show that 'Christ-like love' is more than just a compelling idea. It is a powerful reality that can enable people to live out God's just love in the most challenging of neighborhoods.

    Author: Angus Ritchie