• The Blind Healer

    The Blind Healer
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    Edition: January 09, 2012

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    Publication date: January 09, 2012

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    The Blind Healer

    A call to return to the miraculous healing ministry of the early Church

    By any measure Mike Endicott has a remarkable ministry. First, it is regularly blessed with astonishing miracles. Second, he is completely blind.

    The Blind Healer is the story of his life and teaching, recounting his work around the world, and the startling effectiveness of his healing ministry. He attributes this effectiveness to what he calls kingdom dynamics, which teaches that healing is not a discrete action of the kingdom: healing must always be in the context of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    Filled with astonishing miracles paired with down-to-earth teaching, as well as the personal faith journey of Mike, The Blind Healer opens readers to the possibilities of faith.

    "A brilliantly lively communicator of the gospel, Mike never speaks without bringing something exciting and fresh to our understanding. I happily acknowledge my own debt to him as a teacher, colleague, and friend. Mike is a wonderfully gifted expositor of what Christian healing means."

    --Archbishop Rowan Williams

    Author: Mike Endicott
    Mike Endicott is a former executive in the automotive industry who founded The Well, a healing ministry at Cwmbran, South Wales (now The Order of Jacob's Well). Mike Endicott was ordained into the Anglican ministry at the express invitation of his bishop, Rowan Williams, who is Patron of the Order and currently the Archbishop of Canterbury.