• When Angels Fight

    When Angels Fight
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    When Angels Fight

    My Story of Escaping Sex Trafficking and Leading a Revolt Against the Darkness

    "Powerful. . . . This book is not about the darkness, but about the way Leslie found the light and the grace-filled God who walked with her every step of the way." --Jo Lembo, Director of Faith Initiatives and National Outreach at Shared Hope International

    Leslie King was only 15 years old when she was trapped in a life of prostitution. She became one
    of the thousands of sex-trafficked individuals in the United States, often invisible to "regular" people who know nothing of the seedy underside of that life. Sold by men who promised love but delivered only heartache and caught in drug addiction to escape from the pain, Leslie's life offered little future and no hope.

    Then God spoke.

    And Leslie answered his call, putting all her trust in God to deliver her. She got clean, got off the streets, and started rescuing other prostituted individuals. Today Leslie is a passionate and heroic advocate for trafficked women and girls in her community and across the country.

    More than a gritty, no-holds-barred deliverance story, When Angels Fight also includes stories from those Leslie has encountered in her work--police officers, judges, and other advocates and activists. Leslie also arms you with what you need to fight alongside her to make a difference in your own community. Walk this hard road with her, and you'll grieve, you'll be empowered—and you'll never be the same.

    "The world of sex-trafficking is dark and filled with things you think can only be on television. Leslie helps you to understand that sex trafficking can hit close to home and that any family can be impacted by it." --Senita Lenear, Third Ward Commissioner, City of Grand Rapids
    Leslie F. King is the founder of Sacred Beginnings, a ministry offering a home, training, and support to women in West Michigan caught in sex trafficking, a life Leslie herself was able to leave by the grace of God. She is also an activist who travels the nation advocating for trafficked individual in courtrooms, jails, and protests. This is her first book.