• The Edge of Paradise

    The Edge of Paradise
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    Edition: March 07, 2012

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    Publication date: March 07, 2012

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    The Edge of Paradise

    For the Love of the Turkish People ... And Those Willing to Die for Them

    The account of a missionary in Turkey and the blessings and horrors that accompany his service

    Martin de Lange was happily married, enjoying his job as a photographer in South Africa's police force. But stirred
    with passion for the spiritually lost in Turkey, he uprooted his little family and headed north to Turkey. A land where, he
    discovered, people ask obtrusive questions, the government watches every move, and men think his wife is a prostitute.

    Over a period of fifteen years, Martin gradually became fluent in Turkish, set up Bible distribution networks, and
    pastored a growing fellowship. Turkey took its toll though. Marriage difficulties, police harassment, and loneliness led
    both Martin and his wife, Petro, to crises of faith. As threats mounted, Martin was faced with a difficult choice: Head for
    the safety of home or live where God has led them. Finally they were blacklisted and forced to leave. Martin and Petro now travel the world, raising prayer and support for the Turkish church.

    "I'm always challenged by people who loved the truth enough to live it, who 'did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.' These brothers did that, and their story needs to be heard."

    --Simon Guillebaud, author of Dangerously Alive

    "We urgently need books about Turkey, one of the largest, most unreached nations in the world. Martin and his family have served Jesus in the country of Turkey for fifteen years, and their book deserves your attention. Please get extra copies to give to your friends. Use it to mobilize urgently needed prayer and action for Turkey."

    --George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation

    Author: Martin De Lange
    Martin de Lange is a former police officer from South Africa. He and his wife were for many years missionaries in Turkey under the auspices of Operation Mobilisation. They now live in South Africa.