• Stand

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    ISBN: 9781910012031

    Edition: November 27, 2017

    Pages: 224

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    Publication date: November 27, 2017

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Muddy Pearl

    Category: Apologetics and Evangelism

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    Stand is a call to really live. To redefine what it means to take a stand and fully live out your Christian life. It is planting your feet on the foundational truth of who God is and who you are in Him and the reality of what He's done. It is defending others and being prepared to stand out from the world.

    In the tradition of Mere Christianity and The Fight, Karl Martin retells and reframes God's ancient call to discipleship and witness for a new generation, keeping Jesus firmly at the center.

    Stand will be of great help to younger Christians confronted with real life, opposition, contemporary culture, and temptation to compromise. It is equally valuable for mature Christians seeking to pursue their original vision with renewed energy and determination.
    Author: Karl Martin
    Karl Martin is a visionary leader and the founder and CEO of Arable, a leadership house with a distinctive concentration on cultural health and a focus on the global impact of leadership. Drawing upon 25 years of rich experience, Karl has an unparalleled knack for leading teams toward remarkable growth and coaching individuals to surmount personal barriers. He calls Scotland home, splitting his time between there and the U.S. He is married to Niki, and together they take pride in their four grown daughters. Their influence on him is undeniable, fostering an appreciation for rom-coms, dance movies, and Downton Abbey. An avid sportsman, Karl harbours a dream of representing England in cricket, rugby, and football - a dream presently sidelined by an old knee injury.