• A Visual Defense

    A Visual Defense
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    Edition: October 01, 2013

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    A Visual Defense

    The Case for and Against Christianity

    A logical argument contains premises, objections, conclusions, and rebuttals. Yet when it comes to arguments defending the Bible and faith—the field of Christian apologetics—too often people defer to assumptions rather than logical analysis. It may be that they don’t fully understand what they believe or that they have never been shown how to explain their beliefs.

    In order to provide Christians with a means for analyzing arguments so they can understand and defend their faith, Robert Velarde has developed an accessible means for visually mapping Apologetics. In A Visual Defense, he shows that visual representations of arguments are not only useful critical thinking tools, but also can help Christians understand how arguments flow After a discussion of why Apologetics is necessary and how argument diagrams can help, Velarde gives readers specific arguments for and against God and Christianity so they can put their mapping skills into practice.

    Faith and reason are related. When armed with a solid analytical strategy and biblical knowledge, Christians can be equipped to tackle any challenge of faith. Christians can both make a robust, positive case for truth and demonstrate that the Christian faith can withstand the most difficult intellectual attacks.

    Author: Robert Velarde
    Robert Velarde (MA, Southern Evangelical Seminary) is a former editor for Focus on the Family and the author of numerous books, including The Heart of Narnia (NavPress, 2008), Inside the Screwtape Letters (Baker, forthcoming), The Power of Family Prayer (National Day of Prayer, 1999), The Lion, the Witch and the Bible (NavPress, 2005) and Examining Alternative Medicine (InterVarsity Press, 2001).