• Christianity and Modern Medicine

    Christianity and Modern Medicine
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    Christianity and Modern Medicine

    Foundations for Bioethics

    Raises and considers issues common to medical professionals in order to cut through the moral fog in medical science

    Christianity and Modern Medicine raises moral questions that were merely hypothetical just decades ago. Moreover, traditional moral models are being challenged incessantly by the medical community at large, shifting the conversation to patient and societal rights within a framework of moral relativism and rendering the decision-making process morally vague and confusing.

    In Christianity and Modern Medicine, bioethicist Mark Wesley Foreman and attorney Lindsay C. Leonard delve into the major ethical issues facing today's medical professionals with the purpose of providing principles and guidelines for making critical ethical decisions where medical knowledge, technologies, and capabilities are constantly evolving. Topics covered include:
    • procreational ethics
    • abortion
    • infanticide
    • euthanasia
    • physician-assisted suicide
    • genetic ethics
    • medical research
    • clinical ethics
    • legal issues
    • and more

    While Christianity and Modern Medicine is designed especially for students planning careers in the medical field, it is accessible to any Christian interested in steering more clearly through the moral fog in the practice of medicine today.
    Author: Mark Wesley Foreman
    Mark Wesley Foreman (PhD, University of Virginia) has been teaching bioethics at Liberty University for almost thirty years. He has a doctorate in which he concentrated on bioethics, studying under James F. Childress, who is recognized as one of the fathers of the modern bioethics movement in this country.
    Lindsay C. Leonard
    Lindsay C. Leonard serves as Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia and is adjunct instructor for the online bioethics course for Liberty University.