b'I Love You to the StarsWhen Grandma Forgets, Love RemembersCrystal Bowman and Doug Groothuis Illustrated by Robert SauberABOUT THE AUTHORSCrystal Bowman is the award-winning,Doug Groothuis is a best-selling authorRobertSauberisalongtime,award- best-selling author of over one hundredof thirteen books and the husband of authorwinning artist who has illustrated many books for children, and the creator andand editor Rebecca Merrill Groothuis, whobookcovers,magazinestories,and coauthor of Our Daily Bread for Kids andwas diagnosed with a rare kind of dementiachildrens books. He loves to tell stories My Read and Rhyme Bible Storybook. in 2014. His own struggles with her diagno- through his painting using the beauty of sis inspired him to join Crystal in creatingnature, landscapes, and characters. this book for children wrestling with the same issue. www.kregel.com 5'